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GIFT guide for the practical GUYS

We’re smitten by the BONOBOS understandable guide of fab things for the guys.  There’s no overly decorated holiday anything on this site, and the guide is layed out as “organized things” that look ready to pack.   From travel jeans to the plaid guy shirt, the crew neck in a new color to salt and pepper shakers, you can find everything for the guys here.

We loved the warm tangerine and yellow combo.  Check it out and follow the numbers [L to R]:

bonobos orange mens gift guide FashionDailyMag

1 Travel Jeans – Plymouth Pilsner $98. American denim with a hint of stretch, and a great color too.
2 The Amalfi V-Neck Sweater $240. Great for adding some color to a conservative sport coat.
3 Fair Islander Necktie $78 Who says Fair Isle is just for sweaters? This tie nails it.
4 Charity Water Donation. It never hurts to give a little back. Charity: water gives water to those in need. [at CharityWater]
5 Izola Golden Thyme Candle$35 Mmmm. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme candles. [at Izola]
6 French Corders – Maple $125 French corduroy fabric meets solid American construction.
7 Whitman Sweater $128 Warm lambswool. Leather elbow patches. Ruggedly man-some style.
8 Rhodes Collar Oxford Shirt $85 Oxford cloth gets an upgrade with bold, seasonal plaid.
9 Bowside Henley $58 A little color gives this old-school Henley a modern edge.
10 MBS MFG. CO. 5-Panel Cap $34 Five-panel hats with local chops, these brimmed beauties are made in the USA.
11 The Herald Square – Red Paisley $48. A splash of brightness will do wonderful things for a charcoal suit.
12 The Herald Square – Yellow Paisley $48 Is that a canary in your pocket, or are you just . . . never mind.
13 Tom Dixon Tower Salt & Pepper Grinders $160 Grind with the best of them. Best chefs, that is. [at TomDixon]
14 Topo Duffel $129. Weekend getaways in the offing? This is the bag.
15 Nutmegs Washed Chinos $88.These pants pack a punch. Great for the holidays.
16 Hickory Slicks Washed Chinos $88. Seasonal chinos he can wear all year-round.
17 The Banff Vest $168 Brrrr. It’s cold. And this quilted vest is a handsome solution.
18 Jack Spade Multi Stripe Boot Sock $32 If he likes stripes, these socks are ready for duty.
19 Poler Magic Tarpit $70. How do you plan for an emergency? Well, this all-purpose tarp is a good. [at polerstuff ]
20 Jack Spade Two Tone Boot Sock $32 A sturdy sock for a sturdy gent.
21 Oak Street Trench Boot $455 Dress boots that can do sport coats and denim with ease.

GIFT guide for the practical GUYS commentary by Brigitte Segura All product is available at Bonobos, with the exception of items marked otherwise.

photo: courtesy of Bonobos.