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Getting Dressed with Johannes Huebl

Well-suited for either side of the lens, Brooklyn-based model and photographer Johannes Huebl is easy on the eyes. We get a glimpse into his style playbook in a Mr Porter short by Chris Floyd. He’s a man into classics, which become all the more handsome when delivered with an accent.

“For me style is the little nuances that you put into a fine tailored piece – I like things when they fit,” said Huebl.

Impeccably dressed from head to toe, this gentleman takes care when it comes to clothes, not surprising he and his fabulous lady Olivia Palermo are simply stunning together. He wears a host of designer items for the screen including a jacket and trousers by Burberry Prorsum, and eye-catching accessories like the tie by Drake’s, shoes by Dolce & Gabbana, and sunglasses By Persol.

“Fashion is the basis for what you can choose from, and style is basically what you make out of it,“ he said.

JOHANNES HUEBL for MrPorter on FashionDailyMag

Although it’s usually pretty proper, going for casual means comfort – and this guy is a self-proclaimed sneaker freak. That’s not to say there is anything sloppy about it. In fact he had his own advice to give. Check out the Video here.

“My fashion don’ts are – flip flops, unless you live in Hawaii. I don’t like summer scarves, I think scarves should only be worn when it’s cold, but not as a summer accessory.”

It’s a modern scene with traditional tastes and a light personal touch. It’s obvious this is a man that knows what he wants, and that, my friends says it all. Confidence is the best look around. Getting Dressed with Johannes Huebl written by Sarah A. Freiseis.


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