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Get the HAIR LOOK: beachy waves for SWIM 2013

Tousled, beachy waves are supposedly a staple in every glam girl’s beauty arsenal. But like other alleged classics (the evasive smoky eye, for one), disheveled mermaid hair is easier to admire than to execute. Ah, well — tricky or not, now is the time to wrangle that seaside mane onto your head any way you can: carefree waves covered the runways at Fashion Week Swim 2013. Lisa Blue, Sauvage, Keva J, Anna Kosturova — the list goes on.

As a lead stylist at CUTLER SOUTH BEACH salon, John-Paul Sherley-Price knows a thing or two about beachy waves (the salon has “beach” in the title, if you need proof), and he was willing to share his secrets.

Apparently, one does not just slap one’s wet hair into a messy topknot overnight and wake up with Blake Lively’s hair (or face — life is unfair). This carefree look isn’t low maintenance, but it’s not too complicated, either. In fact, with a grand total of five steps, the primping time is minimal. Yes, there are (REDKEN!) products and a few implements involved, but you do want everyone to think you roll out of bed all Serena van der Woodsen-esque every morning, don’t you? Of course you do. Let’s get started. [how-to below photos].  Written by Rebecca Santiago.

STEP ONE: Apply firm mousse evenly to wet or dry hair and dry. (Curly-haired girls, use a diffuser.)

STEP TWO: Use a 1-inch curling iron or wand, no matter the length of your hair.

STEP THREE: Curl 2-inch sections starting at the nape and working in a brickwork pattern through the whole of the head. Clip each section (curl intact) until it cools.

STEP FOUR: Remove clips and brush through hair with a soft bristle brush to remove partings and to untangle. Run your hands through your locks with the smallest amount of serum — Sherley-Price loves REDKEN Glass 01.

STEP FIVE: Finish with your desired parting. Use a hairspray that is light but malleable for touchable waves.

Hey, it takes a little effort to look effortless.