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get HEALTHY: embracing mother earth

the feel-good series: While we’re on the topic of earth month and all its goodness, maybe it’s time to embrace not only the earth, but all the elements that surround us. Sounds like an everyday feel -duh, right? not quite. How about learning how position your body to connect to real element forces that enhance your strength, health, and inner + outer beauty?

As a fashion girl, I’m open to trying things that can enhance naturally – mostly to combat all the unnatural + unhealthy elements I’m exposed to daily.  From heavy event + fashion week schedules to not eating properly on the go, to lack of sleep, and the fashion celebrations that come along with an editor’s life… it can be exhausting and overwhelming at times.

Get healthy  //  get strong // embrace mother earth:  After a super hectic last few months, a friend suggested I connect with the Martial Arts Wellness Master to address some of my personal health issues.  I had noticed that her face was ‘glowing’ more that before, and decided to meet with the creator of “The Martial Arts of Wellness” (Master Matthew).

the martial arts of wellness FashionDailyMag

I was uber curious to see what this new movement was all about:  Healing by enabling the body to be healthier and have more strength by manipulating posture, magnetism and elements?  In a nutshell, here’s the 411:

“Your body is a electromagnetic , by re-positioning your body and changing its shape and  directions, you engage new forces that both heal and strengthen the body from within the cells. The wisdom is to shift your posture and force to align with the precise forces that both move the body and heal the body. This way your body can receive the motion and power from within that would otherwise be impossible .” – Master Matthew

What this means:

The idea is that the body heals and beautifies itself through motion. When we are feeling weak, injured or dis-empowered, we are stuck, recycling old forces and blocking new ones from moving through us. By engaging the body correctly in a position or movement in the right direction,  we draw those forces and particles that we need to move through the problem.

MM explains we are actually designed to heal through precise motion: The Martial Arts of Wellness is a dynamic workout designed to bring you to a new level of fitness that restabilises all of your ligaments and connective tissue by moving and strengthening the body in ways that awaken dormant forces.

For example,  if you are sluggish and depleted, your body may be congested with too much water.   In a position or exercise MM teaches, you can turn to the south while in the position, and raise ‘your heat’ to create more lightness in the cells.

So, how do you know what to do?

You can go to one of the Martial Arts of Wellness training circles, or go for a private session.  If you’re like me and easily distracted by other bodies around, it’s probably a good idea to try this out as a one-on-one with MM, where he can assess you and give you some exercises specific to your weak needs.

Does it work?

Well, it all started with me seeing my friend “glow”.   She suffers from rosacea and it had cleared up on her face- so that is an obvious ‘yes’.    There are testimonials of folks healing themselves from chronic injuries that were not responsive to many other ‘modalities.’ check it out here.

In my case,  while doing the exercises with Master Matthew I had the experience of tasting metal in my mouth!  He explained to me I was engaging the metal element and the minerals were being absorbed by my body. Very cool.

I’m just embarking on this now, and have a heavy list of fix-its,  but one thing’s for sure, I am more calm and feel less stressed  after my session.   That’s a ‘nicer me’ start to smile about, and I’m just getting started… more to come.master matthew The Martial Arts of Wellness fashiondailymag

get HEALTHY: embracing mother earth written by brigitte segura.

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