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Lights, Camera, Fashion: Georgina Chapman let her imagination run wild with Canon Project Imaginat10n. The Marchesa Creative Director and Designer transports her craft to a new medium-film. Chapman, along with a slew of jaw-dropping celebrity directors were chosen to shape a film with the help and mentorship of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard. The list includes red-carpet regulars such as Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone, and LCD Soundsystem James Murphy.

Georgina Chapman Canon Project Imaginat10n Selections-Obstacle The Sharing Game by Brooke Shaden fashiondailymag

The celebrity directors were tasked with choosing 10 pictures for each film from a photograph contest that stood for the ten pillars of storytelling: think mood, (atmosphere, tone, or emotion) goal, (character’s pursuit) backstory, (describing the past to better shape the story) character, (anything or anyone) obstacle, (inhibiting the character from getting further) relationship, (bond between any character or object) setting, (any place) the unknown, (turn of events in the narrative) time, (a chosen era within the past) discovery (vital truth, location, or object that is revealed). Chapman states, “As a designer, there is nothing more exciting than having the opportunity to narrate a specific vision exactly as you imagined it.”

Whether it’s a woman speechless at the top of a carnival ride, or a girl silently suspended in mid-air, Chapman’s photo selections easily evoke emotions just like her catwalk creations. For the Unknown category, she chose Kevin Vandivier’s “Too High” with a woman’s eye-popping expression while descending a roller-coaster really catching Chapman’s attention. “The Sharing Game” by Brooke Shaden for Obstacle  inspires Chapman to consider multiple ways her narrative could turn. For Relationship she chose an eery black and white pic, titled “My Mom” by Patricia Whited. Georgina loved the mystery in the photo, since its depth could help in shaping her future character. A little girl gazing longingly at rows and rows of books is what Chapman chose for Goal. The “Determined” photograph is by Sal Rodriguez, and Georgina will not hesitate to incorporate the pic into her story. “Creep” by Jennifer Wall for Mood hides the face of the character, while her bare feet dangle dangerously above the floor.

Georgina’s amazement with the special effects of this photograph are what inspired her to kick off her film with this picture. Sitting in a misty, mystical forest, a little girl is perched atop a makeshift throne while her stuffed animals, or commoners, watch her rule her make-believe land. This is the place Brittany Johnson established in her picture, “Her Throne was Magic” for Character. Good the quirky beauty of the scene grabbed Chapman’s attention before the other celebs got their hands on it ! The decay of ripped posters on a wooden pole showed Time slipping away for Georgina in “Too Many Shows to Show” by Brent Williams- making it a perfect fit for that section. The captivating colors in “The Long Walk” by Mike Marin, gained Chapman’s appeal for Setting. Maybe a kaleidoscope of hues will make its way onscreen ? “Discovering Limits” by David Saylor centered on a snail traveling across the water aboard a leaf, giving the designer an opportunity to focus on the minute details within the Discovery section. Titled “Predator,” the photograph by Misty Fugate definitely fits the bill- with a person grasping a forlorn doll by its feet in the middle of a unknown place. By selecting for Backstory Chapman believes the dark deceptiveness of Fugate’s pic will give her story more life by adding a new character. If her runway designs are any indication, Chapman’s film will surely bring beauty to the blockbusters. Written by Mary Anderson.

Photos: courtesy of  PROJECT IMAGINA10N | Canon | LongLiveImagination