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GAP make love campaign featuring Tony Bennett

The Holiday season of gifting is quickly approaching, and after a year of our wishlists,’tis the season to give back.  The Gap‘s newest “Make Love” Campaign focuses on spreading holiday cheer. Influential artists like Tony Bennett, Cyndi Lauper and Billy Porter, Connie Britton, Harry Belafonte, and Q-Tip are also all participating to inspire and bring joy.

FashionDailyMag GAP Make Love Campaign no 1
The campaign focuses on spreading love, hope, and joy to those all around the world during the holiday season. Gap brought together a small group of musically talented students to meet with famous musician Tony Bennett. They taught the students how to perform his most well-known song “The Best is Yet to Come” in a series of short films which will be aired on Gap’s YouTube channel.

tony bennett FashionDailyMag GAP Make Love Campaign no 9

Some of the students were exceptional singers, some were master pianists, and one boy played the drums with skill. With Bennett standing next to and singing along with them, Gap hoped to spread the knowledge of an arts education to them. Tony Bennett is not the only one to change lives. All of the artists mentioned in some way are their creative talents to make a difference in not only a community, but the world. The students’ stated their love of arts inspired hope and confidence in themselves.FashionDailyMag GAP Make Love Campaign no 10

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While most of us are worrying about what Christmas radio station to listen to or what gift belongs to whom, Gap has allowed for a select few of skill students to have the experience of their lifetime. They met a world-renowned artist and had to opportunity to experience an education otherwise unavailable to them. With the goal of spreading joy and cheer, Gap must surely have something else stuck in their stocking… pretty awesome. GAP “make love” campaign featuring Tony Bennett written by Nadia Hartvigsen.