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G-STAR campaign by RANKIN featuring KEENAN KAMPA

There’s just something in the air with all of these fantastic collabs. World-Renowned photographer Rankin teamed up with G-Star RAW for their rockin’ fall 2013 campaign. The tantalizing shots feature ballerina extraordinaire Keenan Kampa and Kasabian’s guitarist Sergio Pizzorno as they ‘fly’ to new heights, showing off their immense skills and craft.

This campaign completely embodies the ‘Destroy To Create’ theme for this season. Our models here are ready to jump out of the screen in these fabulous denim duds.

G-STAR RAW CAMPAIGN rankin FashionDailyMag 2

This new campaign features the Skeleton Dog again as it ‘morphs’ into different objects and personas. Get ready to watch as it transitions, first shattering into Keenan dancing gracefully in denim and then shattering into thousands of pieces, transforming into Sergio while he thrashes on his guitar. After another blast, Skeleton Dog appears running…back to square one. It’s a truly breathtaking set that sucks you in, hypnotizing and entertaining. The whole campaign symbolizes the the art and philosophy of ‘destroying’ one thing to make something brand new out of it.

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Kampa and Pizzorno are perfect representations of this running theme and brand. Both have found themselves in this vast world, pursuing their passions and succeeding beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Kampa is the first American ever to be accepted into the famous Russian Marinsky Ballet Company. Pizzorno is now the frontman of his successful British band, deciding to switch his career path from football.

Denim’s never looked better than on these two. A fashionable odd couple that works to represent this innovative brand. Whether pirouetting or shredding some guitar strings, G-STAR proves that their the absolute superstars in their craft. They are the ‘3D denim’ originators, anyway. The Art of RAW Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign begins August 15th. Campaign video will be released in select theaters. fdmLOVES G-STAR campaign by RANKIN  selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.