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FUN fashion GIFTS to make you smile

Time for a little pop culture + fun gifting to have some smiles.  Though all the serious stuff is necessary, we can’t help but get more happy with these quirky plus, super fashion  items..  From a heart shaped starred and striped little moschino bag to a splattered C.F. blue puffer coat, to a fantastic chanel heart bag to a VFIles Sport Plus beanie.  Cartoon time bags by JumpfromPaper will definitely strike a conversation, and so will the Nasir Mazhar leopard mittens and the margiela feather pen.  Not-so-boring, these gifts give lots of smiles…

[info + shop bellow gallery]

most items available at VFILES + JumpFromPaper

sel 2: C.E. blue quilted puffer coat with splashes of red that brighten the look

3 : Who doesn’t love Chanel’s Blue Heart Bag

4 : Joyrich Candy Fur Clutch is casual with a unique vintage vibe. Perfect for every outfit

5: Eye catching 2D design with the Carly Sweetie JumpfromPaper handbag

6: Colourful & playful mini swing swing clutch from JumpfromPaper

7: JumpfromPaper Giggle shoulder bag. A real conversation starter

8 : Maison Martin Margiela Ostrich feather pen

9: Moschino Budweiser Mini Dress is playful and fun

10: Moschino American iphone case with an edgy middle finger graphic

11: Chic Moschino bone print shirt makes a playful fashion statement

12: Moschino outrageous fun t-strap red sandals perfect for any holiday outfit

13: Check out the fashionably hip Moschino red hi top sneaker

15: Moschino soda pop graphic Swim Trunk

16: Love the adorable heart shaped Moschino American evening bag

17: Warm and trendy leopard mittens by Nasir Mazhar

18 : Unique and fun winter Hardcore beanie from VFIles Sport Plus

[most items available at VFILES + JumpFromPaper]

FUN fashion GIFTS to make you smile commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura + Katie Webley.

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