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FreshNeck for guys who love ties

Guys, are you bored with the ties you have hanging in your closet or rolled in your drawer? Maybe you’re still saving the wide variety since prom or keeping them around for the festive holiday occasions? Here’s a new concept that will liberate you from wearing the same ol’ ties and staying on trend making a sharp without making a major investment.

FreshNeck has a subscription service (much like Netflix in the mail) that enables you borrow a tie, bowtie, cufflinks, or a watch – and they’re not from the last decade. We’re talking Prada and Gucci ties, Duchamp bowties, or Tateossian cufflinks for the occasion!

For the bowtie and dress up loving guys, this is a must for you! You can now have a tie addiction without breaking the bank. It’s subscription based, and there are new selections added every month. Now you can borrow for a day or a month if you choose, and then switch it out! Choose on line from a curated batch of designers, then wear and exchange…  dropping back the ones you are done with in an envelope in the mailbox.

It’s not like renting a tux then returning it. FreshNeck is more like paying a subscription to have access to the top fashion designers latest looks in ties and accessories delivered to your door. The fun part – you get to wear a hot new trending tie or skull cufflinks on that special date. Or, get select your ties to go with the shirt and tie you want to wear to important business meeting without having to go shopping or letting you mom or significant other pick it out.

Then you just return when you are done and exchange for something new. The best part – you  just can choose your looks online, keeping your style up-to-date and fresh. Ladies- forego buying that tie this holiday, and give the the guy a gift subscription. Memberships range from $20-55 | month.

Check out the concept video here.

FreshNeck solves the boring tie and accessories dilemma – and guys, there’s no commitment here to keep the item! Perfect for savvy, discerning professional men who want a smarter, more efficient way to dress to impress. FreshNeck for guys who love ties commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura.

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