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Fragrances for a FAB spring

CARDIGAN by LYNNE HIRIAK portrait aw12 001

DON a new scent… you’re not wearing your wooly jacket anymore, did you change into your spring fragrance?   besides the lightweight clothing you are beginning to wear in the warmer months, there’s yet another reason to leave behind heavy scents. The hotter the temperatures, the stronger and easier to smell your ‘scent’- time to try out the subtler, lighter fragrances. 

FRESH super lemon fragrance FashionDailyMag loves

for the ladies: Fresh Sugar Lemon –Doesn’t the name of this scent just scream spring? The name implies the two strongest scents in this fragrance: the delectable and deeper notes of sugar, balanced out by the citrus of lemon. You’ll smell bergamot, lychee and orange blossom in this unique palette, as well as notes of oak moss and caramel.

PRADA candy fragrance for spring 2012 on FashionDailyMag fab spring fresh

  • Prada Candy – This is the perfect scent for a spring time date. It’s a scent that’s rich, yet sensuous and playful. The colors of the bottle (bright pink and orange) do a good job of conveying the feeling of this smell; basically, it’s what you wear when you’re hoping to get lucky. After first application, it smells of vanilla and caramel, with musk undertones. Pairs well with a little dress and dramatic (I’m thinking dark purple) eyeliner.

    L'EAU DE CHLOE for spring fragrance FashionDailyMag


  • Chloe L’Eau de Chloe – This eau du toilette is perfect for any ladies searching for something light and floral. The scent is overall clean and fresh, and is 22 percent rosewater; the lightness of the eau du toilette lets you know it won’t have that “old lady” smell. The floral top notes go well with the perfume’s hints of spice. If all these descriptions fail to convey the smell, the spring green of the perfume’s packaging should do the trick.

For the guys: Men’s spring scents vary from the ladies. While the scents are still fresh, they stray from the floral overtones into the woody and aromatic. Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa – This Italian scent combines dry woody smells of cedarwood and leather with lighter citrus and spicy notes. The result is something not so intense that you’d be embarrassed to wear it without a tobacco pipe, but something not so light that you’d suspect the wearer accidentally poured a lemonade on themselves. Cardamom and ginger balance out the lemon and bergamot, for something complex yet also subtly masculine.

AQUA di PARMA spring fragrance for men FashionDailyMag spring scents


image: fresh girl wearing CARDIGAN by LYNNE HIRIAK