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FLAWLESS face FALL edition

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: Flawless face is always on my agenda, and the changing season is a perfect reason to take another look at beauty, n’est-ce pas?  Though I’m on the transitioning skincare first, the flawless finish, i.e. the au naturel with a little help is next.  You’ve probably noticed by now that the go-to tinted moisturizer and bb cream isn’t really blending into the skin as well as late summer, right?

Time to transition into fall, and trying out some new fabulous fall-friendly flawless face treats.

Keeping it simple and fabulous, we checked out the tried and true Laura Mercier range, and they’ve got a few new wonderfuls that work with the wind, the cold, and the dry indoor heat.

Here’s my 3 steps to fab + flawless:flawless-face-candleglow-laura-mercier-fashiondailymag

The CANDLEGLOW foundation is rich enough full coverage without any “caking” yet light enough to forget you have any on.   It goes on smooth and blends into skin flawlessly so you don’t actually look like you are wearing anything (yay).   ‘Light-as-air foundation’ has unique light-reflecting pigments that capture your skin in its best light, giving a soft luminous glow. I’m still adding SPF with tint under it on some days, and the consistency still works even over a light veil.   Comes in a wide range of  24 colors for all skin tones, and though it says candleglow, it’s meant for day or night.flawless-face-candleglow-laura-mercier-fashiondailymag 3

The CANDLEGLOW concealer is my new BFF on the go.   First of all, the packaging is amazing,  with a unique sponge applicator that is easy to use under eyes or to cover the flaws.  Doesn’t cake on, and it covers an ‘uh-oh’ pretty well.  I’m using it just under the brows too, as a little highlighter to get that flawless ‘candlelit’ illumination.  It works all over your face to add highlights, lighten shadows around nose and mouth or tone down imperfections anywhere.

the CANDLEGLOW sheer perfecting powder has a wow consistency.  Feels like nothing is going on, yet it just seals, sets and perfects.  This silky pressed powder has just enough sheer color to add a perfect, subtle glow and brighten up a complexion with a soft-focus finish.

FLAWLESS face FALL edition by Brigitte Segura


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