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FENDI aw 13 milan

Father of fashion Karl Lagerfeld celebrated his 96th collection created for Fendi with this AW 2013 collection during Milan Fashion Week on Feb. 21, 2013. Of course, the only way Karl Lagerfeld knows how to do it, is big. He knows how to turn heads ever so quickly, with fashion that continues to wow us in one way or another each season, and Fall 2013 was no exception. Lagerfeld conceived an enticingly flamboyant capsule yet again, even to  keep one warm when cold breezes roll by.  This exquisiteness adorned every look in elaborate pieces that were absolutely stunning, and Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne definitely strutted the colossal pieces right on the catwalk.

cara delevingne fendi fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 1

The colors stirred upon the skirts and coats fierce! Basic navy and black colors were topped off with color blocking sensations of mauves, violets, magentas, ceruleans, and reds, that completely livened the heart of this collection by bringing untamed extremities to the Fall runways. The craziness of the ensembles began with the superb coats and skirts, and continued to the violet-Mohawk updos and the fuzz-enveloped bangles. The mélange of this collection brought an incredibly strange sensation to the catwalk we simply adored.

The perspective had shifted from the clean-cut look of leather, to “bulky” extravagance. The entirety embodied the fearlessness of the fashion world, captivating wild thoughts and stretching creative means to reach new impeccable aesthetics that formulate a whole new meaning to “living on the edge”. There is only one man big, bold, and fierce enough to create such a collection, and with Lagerfeld in the picture the innovative artistry of Fendi continues to thrive. fdmLOVES selects from FENDI aw 13 by Brigitte Segura, Written by Julia Paulescu.

[more pics to come]


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