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feel good NYFW: Tumbler and Tipsy

Designer Michael Kuluva, the artist behind Tumbler and Tipsy, just revealed his inspiration behind the upcoming “Creaky and Tipsy” collection showing during NYFW. Michael, who has been privately battling Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for the past six years chose this topic as a focal point for his runway show, enabling more awareness of this disease that can affect people of different ages and diverse ages. Keeping the colorful Tumbler and Tipsy cheer on, the ss17 collection will flaunt some key ‘arthritis points’ fused into the design of the garments.

Funky embellishments and playful designs are what we’re looking forward to seeing, all inspired by Michael’s personal experience and interaction with CreakyJoints, a patient support, education, advocacy and research nonprofit co-founded by a patient for patients.

Michael was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 28, after his back “went out” during his daily commute to FIT.   Now at 33, Michael is determined to help others cope.   Showing his coupcoming Kia STYLE360 New York Fashion Week is titled “Creaky and Tipsy.”

kendall jenner tumbler and tipsy FashionDailyMag

Living with a chronic disease can be challenging. But through CreakyJoints, Michael has accessed educational resources, connected with other people living with arthritis, participated in research to improve understanding of the disease, and now helping support in his creative way.

“Awareness is so important and I like that CreakyJoints is about getting people to feel better,” Michael says. “I want to encourage people to go to or use their ArthritisPower app, so they are comfortable asking questions about their disease and its impact on them, instead of freaking out after trying to Google answers and problem-solve on their own.”

CreakyJointsMichaelKuluva FashionDailyMag

Michael has been in and out of remission, and though he sometimes has pain and fatigue, he is managing a very full schedule and enjoying his career, which takes him all around the country and throughout the world as the fashion industry is a demanding one. He tries to walk every day to help manage his symptoms, and has shown his collections at New York Fashion Week every year since 2012.

The upcoming NYFW Tumbler and Tipsy show is scheduled for September 13th 2016 at STYLE360.  feel good NYFW: Tumbler and Tipsy commentary by Brigitte Segura.

photo: kendall jenner at tumbler and tipsy @tumblerandtipsy.

kendall jenner tumbler and tipsy FashionDailyMag

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