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favorite cashmere sweaters

There’s nothing like a cozy sweater, especially when it’s not bulky.   Now that winter weather is upon us, layering cashmere staples is a must.   And since the holiday gifting season is in full gear, we’ve made it easier for you to shop and shop to gift.   Here are a few of our favorites to make you smile warmer.

The everyday cozy:  wear it and layer it, wrap it around your neck to stay warm (if it has sleeves).  I’ve been known to travel with a cashmere vneck in my bag, just in case it’s cold when I’m leaving the party.  MILO cashmere has some updates to basic silhouettes like a polo or a sweatshirt style.   My practical find of the season is from Luigi Baldo, who offers a range of styles (and my favorite, the V-neck) in a batch of colors.  A bargain at about $125, and comes in blue, peach, black, hot pink… easy to gift and stock up for yourself.  The quality is good, and it doesnt “pill” – looks pretty great on the Blonde Salad too.

blonde salad in luigi baldo LUIGI BALDO vneck royal FashionDailyMag cashmere guide 2013

a little PATTERN goes a long way:   For the cashmere collector, a little novelty is always a bonus.   Though patterns aren’t always the most practical in sweaters, the gold stripe from Jil Sander gives a little modern bling, the patterned  GEO V neck sweater from Milo cashmere looks “special”, and the neon pattern reversed from J Crew is fashion forward, and just happens to be… cashmere warm – yay.

Not your silly xmas sweater: for the HOLIDAY INTARSIA kick, we found some cutie conversationals. LOVE from Chinti and Parker, catwalk by Moschino Cheap and Chic, the dog from Burberry Brit, and blue soldier from Burberry Prorsum… [where to find below gallery].

black cashmere featured on Blonde Salad by Luigi Baldo.

pink polo by MILO CASHMERE + stacks of cashmere by MILO cashmere. [at MiloTricot]

V neck:  black, blue and pastel peach by LUIGI BALDO

GOLD stripe sweater by Jil Sander [at NetAPorter]

NEON reverse weave pattern by J CREW [at NetAporter]

GEO pink + blue short sleeve by MILO cashmere

striped crew neck sweatshirt by MILO CASHMERE

black zip up with contrast stitch LUIGI BALDO

LOVE by CHINTI and PARKER [NetAPorter]

DOG intarsia by BURBERRY brit [at NetAPorter]

CATWALK by MOSCHINO Cheap and Chic [at NetAPorter]

BLUE soldier intarsia by BURBERRY PRORSUM [at NetAPorter]

favorite cashmere sweaters 2013 commentary and selects by Brigitte Segura.