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FASHIONDAILYMAG fall 2010 | 2011

WE had a lot of fun on the 7th day… by brigitte segura ELISA PALOMINO,  ABED MAHFOUZ, EMU,  RICHIE RICH,  JEREMY SCOTT

FASHIONDAILYMAG ILLUSTRATION BY Alaina Plowdrey on brigitte segura

Elisa Palomino was the SURPRISE du jour.   Not knowing what to expect really, we were mesmerized by the sound of the live singing… opera-like at first, and going full swing into one my favorite songs “sway”… With a background of designing for Galliano for more than a handful of years before coming to DVF the last couple of years,  Palomino knows how to make a dress, embellish a dress, and make it sexy without going over the top.    On another level with her exquisite embroideries… we loved the gold dress with pallettes AND yes, more embroideries on the same piece.    Even some oversized pallettes were embroidered.    A flapper theme worked…the pink big hair on the models added to the ambiance reminding us a girl with an edge can embroider.   another notable pc was the laser cut out placement leather cape… we really can’t wait to see more from this talented designer – brigitte

ABED MAHFOUZ showed some beautifully draped long pieces, which we have missed a bit of this season.   A nice hand in flattery… actually every piece was beautiful, understated.   We loved the futuristic shoulders and draped almost “padded” looks… bringing the TREND to a traditionally familiar silhouette.  refreshing, sophisticated, easy to get.   very nice..

MAXIME’s take:  presented in an intimate setting with talented singers, Palomino’s extravagant fantasy came to life. Unlike most typical grey, black and brown collections, Palomino displayed roses, pinks, oranges, yellows, golds and pastels. Additionally, lots of florals and prints. And don’t forget to check out the flapper dresses. So sexy!

Richie Rich is back ! a typical fun production we’ve gotten used to from our dear friend… more to come from this one…

Emu, the authentic Australian sheepskin and wool specialists, presented their fall footwear and apparel collection in Midtown yesterday. The collection was inspired by Victoria’s Surf Coast. You can sense the natural elements, such as earth tones, in the entire collection. Emu stayed true to its roots by incorporating quality leathers, unique handmade designs and premium quality sheepskin footwear. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the kid’s collection. So cute! We approve mates! – MAXIME RICHARD