FashionDailyMag exclusive SKINGRAFT up close and leathered

Coming off from a [super] successful show, we had the opportunity to see some of the hot Skingraft pieces from the Fall 2014 collection. We’re talking about being up close and personal with scorching gold leather and animal prints that everyone’s been been buzzing about. The deliciously dark duds are filled with street cred and attitude. Gorgeous bomber jackets and moto-friendly pieces are just a few of the incredible stunners. Check out the animal patterned faces (is it a fox?) up close on the jackets, not to mention the cap with golden ears… love.

The patterned smears on the womenswear collection is hot hot, mixing fabrics with leather detailing.We could go on for ages but these picture speak for themselves…this line’s a phenom… for the guys, the girls.. and some can definitely go UNISEX.

fdmLOVES SKINGRAFT Photo direction, details + selects by Brigitte Segura, commentary by Allison Ripa.

Photo Credit: Janez Jaretic for FashionDailyMag.

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