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Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis: Marc Jacobs

CATCHING UP: Honesty was the best policy for fashion frontrunners, at the Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis: Marc Jacobs event. Moderated by NYFW founder Mallis, Jacobs was fearlessly open with the 900+ guests, who gathered at Kauffman Hall at the 92 Street Y. The fashionable guest list included industry pros including designer Geoffrey Banks, Stan Herman, and CFDA’s CEO Steven Kolb.

Marc Jacobs and Fern Mallis Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis- Marc Jacobs fashiondailymag 1

The interview didn’t center solely on Jacob’s fashion inspirations, but delved into the good, bad, and the ugly, within the designer’s past- giving us even more reason to cherish the frank visionary. The conversation covered all bases as Jacobs boldly discussed several aspects of his life- from rehab to his insecurities to his views on marriage.

The man, who has risen to icon status faster than light speed, still looks back to his roots and his challenging beginnings in the industry. We can still applaud him for propelling grunge in the 90’s, which he still views as “liberating and memorable,” while also providing the decade with a much-needed look and identity. Thanks to the time-tested bond he has with business partner Robert Duffy, which Jacobs heartily described as his “longest relationship ever,” the namesake’s brand has survived and flourished.   More guests intrigued during the talk included “Fashion Star” featured buyer for Saks Terron Schaefer, socialite Emma Snowdon Jones,  CNN Correspondent Alina Cho, and architect Scott Bromley.

Even though he has broken a mind-boggling number of records in the design world, he still cherishes those who have guided him along his journey the most. Jacobs selflessly states, “I don’t believe in awards,” while expressing how he uses his acceptance speeches to let other’s shine. From being the youngest recipient of the Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent or repeatedly winning CFDA for Womenswear Designer of the Year award, the Louis Vuitton creative director has fearlessly sustained his status at the industry’s helm. Whether he is strolling the streets of Paris during his 6-month stints or sweeping awards-he is ultimately still Marc. “Perfectly imperfect” – is his motto (see his “Perfect” tattoo) and hey, we wouldn’t want him any other way. The event was made possible with the sponsorship of  MARTINI Sparkling Wines. Written by Mary Anderson.