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fall SKIN gone super soft

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: Whether the weather game keeps changing in your town lately (like in NYC) or it’s been consistently more chilly, your skin is feeling it by now.  From the overall dry skin feeling to flat out irritated, itchy, and maybe- a little red + flaky? cold weather skin issues are upon us. To help keep the bod in soft, supple and very touchable check, we checked out some seriously moisturizing fall skin care options.

Here are favorite treats for the body, from oils to body lotion to healing ointment, designed to keep you uber moisturized, and ready to tackle the cold temperatures + the  interior dry heat.


I like to use oils to “cut to the chase” and usually use them at night, alternating with lotion during the day.  REN Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil is infused with rose, and gives intense moisture to the skin; locks in moisture, restores elasticity + comfort. The amazing oil medley contains Ceramides from Carthame Oil, Phospholipids from Soybean, Essential Fatty Acids from Seabuckthorn Berry Oil + Argan Oil. Tocotrienols from Cranberry Seed Oil. All natural fragrance with a earthy scent that is not perfume-like. Feel the difference in a few days.

fall moisture body oils FashionDailyMag

Another favorite is Vita Cura® Triple Action Nutrí Oil.  This fragrant oil veils the skin in a luxurious, satin finish while restoring moisture and providing deep conditioning.  Beta Carotene and Vitamin A & E provide antioxidant protection Contains delicious ingredients including (Mafura) Seed Butter, Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, vitamin e, and vanilla + Rooibos Essence
.  This fragrant oil is heavier and is perfect for extremely dry skin.  Use after shower to help seal moisture and protect skin from environmental aggressors.


Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion.  This fragrant + creamy body lotion a light rose scent,  in an easily absorbed formula that keeps your skin hydrated and silky soft.   Contains Rose Otto Oil from Damask Rose Petals and Essential Fatty Acids from Rosehip Seed Oil.  Smells divine – great to refresh + moisturize around the neck, chest and arms.

fall moisture body lotion FashionDailyMag

DELECTABLE unscented triple moisture body lotion. “Whipped to perfection” this scent-free super lotion contains coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera. It glides on with a cream-like texture that is quickly absorbed into skin, giving you very soft skin, with no residue or scent to clash with your fragrance!


Vita Cura® Triple Action Nutrí Créme A super dose of moisture in this rich cream  containing EcoCert seaweed extracts with 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins and 42 trace elements and minerals that enrich the skin + smooth the skin.  Also has ingredients like Glycolic Acid to reveal younger looking skin + organic Aloe Vera to soothe and calm.   The rich, natural oils derived from Karite, Mafura and Coconut, with Rooibos and Vanilla indulge the senses with a soft scent.  Can be used daily or as needed all over, or especially on the elbows, knees and other dry areas. Can also be usesd a face moisturizer for dry, UV damaged skin.

fall moisture body cream FashionDailyMag

Heal + super moisturize:

Aquaphor Healing Ointment advanced therapy is what should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet + body lotion collection.  This Uniquely formulated drugstore staple is designed to restore healthy skin. It protects, soothes extremely dry skin, chapped lips, cracked hands and feet and skin irritations.  Though the texture can be thick to put on all over the body, try using it on rough elbows, heels, and extra dry spots in the winter.  In my case, my legs get so dry in the fall and winter from the indoor dry heat,  I use it as an extreme moisturizer all over my legs and irritated dry skin.   Plus, this healing formula is apply on minor cuts, scrapes + burns.  For feet, smooth on the heels and dry spots, put on the socks, and wake up softer! Dermo recommended.

fall moisture body wash + contour cream FashionDailyMag

a couple of soft extras:

Start with a softening body wash. Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is delicately fragranced, and contains Moroccan Rose Otto Oil,  one of the world’s most revered essential oils. The scent of Rose is also known for its stress relieving and harmonizing properties properties, so you can relax during your shower too.  The formula containing Neroli hydrates the skin, and additionally reduces inflamation, with Beta-Glucan from Yeast Polysaccharide to help calm and soothe redness and irritation. Also, won best body wash by Instyle 13 times!

tone | contour + moisturize: Repêchage Vita Cura® Triple Action Body Contour Cream contains Phyto Actives utilizes a 3-way system to help improve the appearance of body contours, tone and texture. Containing seaweeds with Chinese Herbs, Caffeine, and Coenzyme A help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Infused with stimulating essential oils of Grapefruit, Basil and Mint for a sense of well-being, the formula not only tightens the view, but additionally keeps skin soft and smooth- just a little “firmer” looking in areas.

fall SKIN gone super soft written by Brigitte Segura.

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