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Falguni + Shane Peacock FW13 NYFW

Gothic glamour at Falguni + Shane Peacock for the Fall/Winter 2013 collection at NYFW. This collection was far from anything boring.  the livelihood of the dresses derived from the creatures of the wild that blanketed silk fabric textiles. The overall femininity of the collection stretched through the lavishing lace and the way it covered the human form in  an amorous way. There was certain touch of sensuality, which brought mystery and allure to the stage in this collection through the enigmatic romantic details.

The entirety of these pieces was very emotional, dramatic plunging necklines, metal embossed plating, rich patterning and beading caused an electrifying movement through the softly draped pieces. The luster of the gowns emphasized models on the runway dynamically, with a was dramatic emotion that radiated from the dresses, with metallic plates at waistlines of the beautiful metallic downs. The beaded gowns seemed to be the buzz of the show, elongated, they shimmered and shone with complex elegance.

falguni shane peacock fw13 FashionDailyMag brigitte segura

The aristocratic element was there in the lush red and gold fused colors, and the expansive attention to detail. The palette, not shy of exploring multiple natures, was diversified though richly hued indigos, reds and metallics, but also infused with timeless black and white classics. Symmetry depicted in the gowns created an entirely artistic movement throughout the leveled and voluminous gowns. The carved and chiseled shoulder detailing nestling on many dresses and blazers added a touch of high-society sophistication to the collection. The FALGUNI and SHANE PEACOCK fw 13 collection sparked fashion though a beautiful gothic-inspired collection. Written by Julia Paulescu

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