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Fake the tan baby

So, your midsummer healthy glow is not satisfactory? While the summer beach weekends are coming to an end soon, it’s time to check the tone.  If you didn’t quite get a jump start on the outdoors early enough,  here’s a quick and safe way to boost your tan while it’s still in season.  No need to sit in the sun for this tan,  but if you add self-tanning to your routine now, you may just look like you went on another vacation instead of faking it obviously in a few weeks.

What’s in your fake beach bag? Self-tanning gems for extending the summer glow + defining your curves now both gradually and instantly:

Customize the TAN formula:

How about turning your favorite lotion or cream into a self-tanner? Add 3 drops of Clarins – radiance plus golden glow booster into moisturizer, and you can warm up skin tone gradually with the product you already use. The product is 99.8% natural with ingredients including DHA, erythrulose and aloe vera extract to keep skin’s softness while giving the skin a healthy glow. (Keep in mind that it must be used with a moisturizer and never alone!)

For subtle + gradual glow + GUY friendly:

To build a subtle, sun-kissed glow that gradually shows, try James read – gradual tan day tan body.  We the borrowed this product from the guys- and it’s pretty great for the girls too.  It’s a soothing + moisturizing cream to hydrate the skin containing co-Q10, and gives you gradual color… so the glow a little stronger within days.   It’s fragrance-free and gives a warm tan that is natural-looking even on lighter skin tones.
For flawless + even tan:

If you’re a beginner or somebody who struggles with applying self-tanner evenly, give Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid and Professional Mitt a shot.  The fast drying and quick absorbing formula is transfer-free, so there will be no mess and can be worn throughout the day. Spritz the product, which works on both face and body, onto the velvet side of the mitt then apply to skin in effortless gliding strokes for a perfectly even tan.  If you’re all about self tanner, check out the entire range of Fake Bake products in different formulas + color tones made for year-round tanning.

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To get a sexy + luminous glow in seconds, use Delectable Skin Perfecting Bronzing Body Lotion. The sheer formula is fast to set and transfer free. With argan oil, it locks in moisture and feels weightless on the skin. What’s awesome about this body bronzer and makes it perfect for a summer date (besides that it smells like sugar and cream) is that is hides imperfections!

Try applying with body.blender by beautyblender for an extra flawless and natural look. It is an ultra-soft and efficient alternative to conventional tanning mitt that is simple to control for even coverage and streak-free look. The product is like the original beautyblender but is large enough to cover the curves of the body and fits nicely in your palm, making the application process easy with minimum product waste. Wet, squeeze, bounce, with this gem in your hand, you can fake your tan without ever looking faux.  Take the sponge with you in the air.port pro vented beautyblender mesh bag.

Travel + sun not needed: Extend the summer glow | be a more bronzy goddess now.   Fake the tan baby commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Betty Lo.


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