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FACE the pre-spring reality: cold weather skincare

Other than amazing chocolates, here’s one more thing from Belgium you’ve gotta love- skincare! 2B Bio Beauty is a Belgian line newly landed in the U.S. with natural skincare essentials to nourish our skin. The rich yet not too heavy texture of the skincare is perfect for the current cold days, while we patiently wait for winter to thaw out. Here is a simple 3 step that keeps the moisture in check while detoxifying the skin, and can be used in the transition into warmer months too.

2B Bio Net – Liquid make-up remover for face + eyes

We all know the first step to better complexion is to make sure all make-up is taken off at the end of the day and to give your skin a rest. This product not only gets rid of face makeup but also removes mascara. The liquid texture with a euro-fruity aroma cleans the face thoroughly without harming the delicate areas around the eyes. The cucumber and red vine ingredients leave the skin feeling fresh, soothed and most importantly with its moisture balance preserved. It can be used as both makeup remover and morning cleanser. The best part is it preps the skin and help absorb the next product better.

2B Bio Sérum

In between cleansing and putting on moisturizer, it has been suggested by dermatologists to use serum to get a better result of locking in moisture. The secret weapon, Perfluorodecalin, is added in this highly concentrated serum to increase oxygen rate in the skin. It strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin while boosting the cell metabolism and clearing the cells of the toxins. The winning combo here is the serum detoxifies, hydrates, and protects the skin.

2B Bio Cocoon

This is a “well-being hydra crème” that strengthens the natural defense of the skin which is just what we need to survive the harsh, freezing weather. The formula is super thick with anti-pollution properties and works like a shield for our fragile skin. It has multiple moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and glycerin. The combination of 2B Bio Serum and this step detoxifies the skin while allowing it to “breathe in a optimal way and to better auto-regulate itself in polluted environment.

This multifunction cream not only rejuvenates the intercellular ‘cement’ but also corrects any unevenness on the surface. For people who suffer from dry skin, this step hydrates, firms, and adds a boost of radiance back to your complexion all at once. The product also works as a face mask. Slather on a thick layer and leave it for 10 minutes while you can relax and enjoy the soothing sensation and the lotus floral scent. Later on, simply wipe away the excess with a cotton pad and say hello to a natural glow! There you have it, a 3 step barrier from the cold to get you ready for spring that can be used in spring weather too. FACE the pre-spring reality: cold weather skincare written by Betty Lo.

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