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EYES on summer beauty

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: Your wardrobe might be ready for the summer, but how are your eyes looking under the bright sunshine?  Here are a few skincare finds to help the under eye + brow area get some extra hydration, lift, depuff and (faux) smooth away some years while protecting the the delicate eye area.

Let’s start with relaxing after a hot day, and SOOTHE your summer eyes:

Time to say AAh… Here’s a refreshing eye charger perfect for the summer- especially after a hot day.   Whether you’re on VACA or just need a little time to relax and chill, REPECHAGE Eye Rescue Pads are an instant ooh as soon as you put on.   Containing seaweed and natural tea extracts, algae, chamomile, cucumber and aloe vera extracts, the magic pads ‘depuff’, de-stress, soothe and breathe new life into the delicate eye area. With 60 pads in the container, place one on each eye for about 10 minutes and wake to a more refreshed you.

faux the eye LIFT:

Lift, firm and smooth:  Those are the words folks with a few wrinkles around the eyes love to hear. This time,  “lift” + reshape from the brow area with Darphin Uplifting Serum Eyelids.  The effect, used in combo with an undereye lift, helps open the eye area from the brow.    Though it’s one more step in the eye area skin care, it’s worth it!   This clear serum renews skin with support fibers, and is easy to apply with your morning routine, and tightens the brow area “reshaping the eyelids” with anti-wrinkle action.

under eye “lift” + SPF: with the sunny days ahead, more outdoor activities are on. Protection against the sun becomes a must,  and many under eye creams don’t have an additional SPF included.   The Rodial 2-in-1 Glamtox™ Eye contains SPF15 while instantly illuminating the eye area with long-lasting hydration to help diminish signs of aging… i.e. the faux lift.  Also helps reduce dark circles with ingredients like arnica.

summer skincare eyes FashionDailyMag

SMOOTH lines and wrinkles:

UBER shock the lines! If you’re battling against those lines that show more than your age , Olluminate Intense Eye Repair by ZO skin health can be your weapon! Created by Dr. Zein Obagi, the under eye cream is great for crows feet + wrinkles when used long term.   Ingredients include stabilized RETINOL and advanced peptides to strengthen the skin + and regain the lost elasticity of the area.  Bonus: it also decrease puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles.  This treatment is long term, and should be used with an SPF-year round.  Some products in this range are only available at your local dermo’s office.

more youthful EYES:

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate is an all-in-one eye treatment. This anti-aging product helps with many visible signs of aging including lines. The formula contains organic harungana, a plant from Madagascar, which may boost collagen growth.  The texture is nice for the summer, and is an all around under eye helper to give a little more “youthful” to your eyes.

Going Natural: Devera Miracle Eyes gives hydration + attention to the lines.  This age-defying eye cream has Edelweiss plant stem cells, Goji Berry Extract, hyaluronic acid, and marine extracts…all the natural goodness to firm the delicate skin around the eyes. Yummy and refreshing ingredients like green tea and cucumber are also added to get rid of puffiness and darkness.

Now you have some options to let you twirl in your summer skirt with an ageless wink! EYES on summer beauty written by Brigitte Segura + Betty Lo.

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