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Who knew the beautiful sunflowers we love in the summer can actually help extend the tone of your tan?  Thanks to the plant based formulas from Clarins, we can find the sunny disposition of flowers to help tone, exfoliate, and extend the color of summer the skin on our bodies.  Mimosas to exfoliate, mint to tone, sunflowers to extend the tan, and figs to fake it all the way.

BRIGITTE SEGURA SUNNY DAZE of SUMMER kate spade sunnies FashionDailyMag 04

In the spirit of an endless summer, here are my four steps to extend my sunny vibe and extend the color while remaining toned:

SUMMER BODY ANTICELLULITE CLARINS brigitte segura FashionDailyMag 4

1. YAY to sunflowers! Right after sun exposure, I use the ultra-hydrating After Sun.  The moisture-rich cream is perfect for prolonging a radiant, even tan.  Reduces peeling and flaking keeping skin soft, smooth, and toned.  Contains a soothing extract of sunflower seeds with moisturizing and protective benefits.

SUMMER BODY 6 ANTICELLULITE CLARINS brigitte segura FashionDailyMag 7

2. Keep exfoliating the skin while you’ve still got some days in the sun.  The gentle  Exfoliating Body Scrub  helps keep your skin firm,  with a more youthful texture.  Casts off rough skin cells, giving your body a veil of softness. Contains Mimosa Tenuiflora, restoring damaged epidermis for smoother skin all around.

3. Keep the curves in minty check.  Though it may seem skinny girls don’t need, it – we all can do with some enhancement!  Body Fit Anti-Cellulite  Contouring Expert is known for its unique ability to visibly smooth, firm and lift your skin. The addictively refreshing cream-gel feels like a veil of freshness on your contours – seriously! you can feel it in your hands when you apply it.  The good news is that it has refining and reshaping actions that ‘reduce the look of cellulite.’  Contains water mint, which known for its invigorating aromatic properties.

SUMMER BODY ANTICELLULITE 2 CLARINS brigitte segura FashionDailyMag

4. Last step for me is the Self Tanning Milky-Lotion which keeps you looking and feeling tanned by giving a boost of color while keeping my skin soft.   Unlike most self-tanners, the irresistible scent of figs in the Clarins formula refreshes the senses, while giving you a golden even and natural tan for your face and body.  The smooth, milky texture melts into the skin giving you an even radiant glow.   I keep using self tanners as long as possible, extending well into September, even october, depending on the temperature.

ENDLESS SUMMER: extend a TAN with SUNFLOWERS by Brigitte Segura.

bikini girl (brigitte segura).

photos: Tristan Manaloto + Brigitte Segura.



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