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embracing EARTH MONTH

As the full bloom of spring enters the northern hemisphere, we celebrate our mother earth in April; full of green and goodness, beautiful scents, fresh air coming off the mountains and into the valleys.  You are going outside more, maybe biking around the lake, having a picnic in the park, or watching the stars twinkle bright at night. Warm and romantic with the sweet scent of spring all around.

Ah, while we don’t want to damper that feeling, the bugs are lurking out there… These days you don’t need to stray too far from your back stoop to encounter  bugs that are now carrying weird diseases.  Bugs like ticks carrying diseases like Lyme disease and mosquitoes carrying other diseases like Zika.  So, staying protected is now a must.   While thinking of mother earth and its precious ecosystems failing, it’s hard to feel safe from the bugs without using typical bug sprays.  Unfortunately, many of the insect repellants out there contain ingredients that not only smell bad, but can also add harm to the environment.

ticktocknaturals x global lyme alliance FashionDailyMag

We’re fans of a clean green natural bug repellant that doesn’t smell bad or feel gloppy.   TickTockNaturals is an organic insect + tick repellant that glides on easily and can last a few hours at a time.  Smells fresh like lemongrass and no horrible chemicals, and guess what – it repels the bugs… they just go away without you harming them.   There you have it- your fashionista add to the environment for Earth Month.

While looking for some Earth Month | earth day friendly ways we can all participate, stay safe from the unwelcome variety of nature. embracing EARTH MONTH commentary by Brigitte Segura.

Serious about mosquitoes and ticks? Tick Tock Naturals just partnered with Global Lyme Alliance at the No Time for Lyme benefit.  GLA is the leading research and education foundation for all tick-borne diseases and for Lyme disease prevention. more about Lyme disease | more about bugs | more about TickTockNaturals.

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