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Eiffel Tower Catwalk with J Autumn fashion show

Paris has long been recognized as the fashion capital of world, the city of lights and the city love. On October 31st Paris will be putting its best attributes to use as Jessica Minh Anh will be changing the city’s iconic venue- the Eiffel Tower into a catwalk. The J Autumn fashion show will present collections from 8 different countries as Jessica Minh Anh creatively pushes the envelope to design her 8th groundbreaking catwalk in the world.  We got a look at J Summer Fashion Show earlier in the year in NYC’s freedom tower.

The highly anticipated show will be covering a panoramic view of the beautiful city to capture Jessica Minh Anh’s work in all of its splendor. Covering over 150 meters, she has designed a two-tiered outdoor catwalk across the span of the iconic tower’s first floor. Set up will include a heated VIP seating area where exclusive guests will partake in this celebration of historic fashion.

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Much like Jessica Minh Anh’s previous catwalks, the J Autumn fashion show will combine art, culture, architecture and of course fashion to put on an unforgettable show. Luxurious Bahraini brand Dar Naseem AlAndalos will be showcasing a French-Moroccan influenced fusion collection. The Middle Eastern representations continue with high end Qatari brand Debaj and Saudi designer Omaymah Azzouz of OM Fiore. Vietnamese designer Hoang Hai will return to Jessica Minh Anh’s runway with his dream-like collection while Indian sensation Shilpa Reddy plans to make a bold statement. Soul Made’s Danish designer Beinta Poulson will display her knitwear collection, and Canadian fashion designer Sho Sho Esquiro will be there showing off the Native American techniques used to create her looks. Adding to the uniqueness of the night, the catwalk will feature American designer Kate Walz for the first time.

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The once in a lifetime event also features German brand Montblanc adding to the cultural melting pot that will be featured on the catwalk. For Jessica Minh Anh, the Eiffel Tower represents “an artist’s dreams and inspires their many creations”. On October 31st the symbolic architecture will make yet another one of Jessica Minh Anh’s dreams come true.  We will update you with more, here’s a sneak peak of what’s to be expected! Eiffel Tower going Catwalk with J Autumn fashion show selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Andrea Porro.

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J fashion show at One World Trade Center