EGGS in the city: FABERGE artsy egg hunt

Nothing like getting a dose of Art in the spirit of the spring holiday.  Thanks to Faberge, an innovative and engaging fundraising initiative will soon uncover 250 large egg sculptures throughout New York City’s five boroughs from April 1st to 26th, 2014.  Artist Franck De Las Mercedes will be joining the globally renowned artists, designers and creatives that will give us a dose of art just about everywhere, NYC style.

FDLM POST NO BILLS EGG EHNY faberge fashiondailymag

Franck’s “Post No Bills” egg is a tribute to the walls of New York that are hosts to ads, street art and urban decay. Using a collage technique and acrylic paints, the surface will be layered in a combination of advertisement imagery, original photos and abstract text – creating a bold, raw texture.  Can’t wait to see the eggs in the city.. this is just a sneak peak.  – EGGS in the city: FABERGE artsy egg hunt by Brigitte Segura.

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