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EDUN “African Shower” campagin by Ryan McGinley

For a long time, elephants-yes elephants- have found their way into the forefront of fashion imagery.  Look up Richard Avedon‘s iconic Dovima with Elephants and you’ll see what we mean. Although Edun‘s take on the majestic creature is much more playful, the EDUN Spring Summer 2013 “African Shower” Ad campaign still has that effervescent touch thanks to photographer Ryan McGinley. From his initial book “The Kids are Alright” to photographing everyone from Kate Moss to Tilda Swinton, McGinley is a star behind the lens.

Edun Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign fashiondailymag 8

The shoot for Edun’s spring 2013 campaign is a continuation of McGinley’s SS12 Beautiful Rebels and FW12 Birds of Prey campaigns, while also bringing a new approach to his own photos titled, The Animal Series. Uniting the human and animal experience within the studio brought liveliness (and just plain fun), which was captured on camera for all of us to enjoy. The tough greyness of the elephant, contrasting with the bold florals and camo prints on the womenswear while a blue chambray top reflecting the rainfall within the menswear, created an overall glowing effect with the fresh water drops streaming through the colors. Edun’s global mission spans beyond the pages of the ad campaign, showing how the animal’s presence was not merely an accessory, but a fashionable focal point.

Change and chic are at the core of the Edun brand, through the promotion of founders Bono and Ali Hewson, and designer Sharon Wauchob who are on a mission to strengthen the African continent. With the incorporation of the elephant in their ads, the label aims to raise awareness of the endangered African elephant by joining forces with the non-profit foundation WildAid.

The foundation’s goal is to completely stop illegal wildlife trade, through raising worldwide knowledge about the issue with thorough marine protection, public awareness campaigns, and also short, yet always to the point, documentaries. By combining with Edun, who produces 40% of their collection and 100% of sister-line Edun LIVE in Africa, step out in style and help sustain a life. fdmLOVES EDUN “African Shower” campagin by Ryan McGinley written by Mary Anderson.