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don’t BUG over the WEEKEND

Enjoying the hot summer yet?  The long (est) weekend is about to hit, and whatever is on your outdoor agenda is about to become your fun reality.   With the good weekend vibes on the mind, the last thing you need to do is worry about da bugs, n’est-ce pas?   If you’re like me and like to smell fresh outdoors too, the flying insects may just be buzzing a little too close for you.

BUGS NOZIKA ph brigitte segura TickTockNaturals x FashionDaillyMag

Though the idea of ANY  bug bites including insects or mosquitoes or ticks has never been cute,  the rise of the Zika and  Lyme disease situation adds a new dimension of stress to outdoor activities. Whether you’re going to the beach or your 4th of july picnic or BBQ,  there’s a new must-have barrier to keep yourself safe.   I mean, how are you supposed to know that innocently annoying flying creature that landed on your arm isn’t carrying a life-threatening disease?  INSECT REPELLANT is your new best friend.  I CAPPED it because it’s as important as your sunscreen, and here’s one that I found that doesn’t hurt the environment either.

flowers ph brigitte segura TickTockNaturals x FashionDaillyMag

After my recent weekends in the country, I found myself spazzing each time a tiny insect would get near me a piece of grass tickled my ankles, thinking it was a bug.   So I went to my go-to organic insect repellant bottle that I’ve been using for a couple of years, TickTockNaturals, and made it a part of my morning and afternoon routine along with the SPF dosing.    I like this product because it’s long lasting, and my bottle from last summer was still half full.  Rather than a spray oil that gets everywhere, the  concentrated and natural oil is used by spraying into hands, then rubbing them together,  then putting a light sweep of the oil all over your body. (promo code #fdmloves -10%)

ticktocknaturals organic insect repellant fashiondailymag

The TickTockNaturals  formula is moisturizing and A-ok  to use all over your body even before walking out the door.   There is a citrus-y scent, yes.  But it disappears after about 5-10 minutes and smells better than citronella candles or any DEET spray and frankly enables me to safer walking around in the grass again.   Need another reason?  Here are 10 activities and reasons why you now need bug spray all the time… and this bottle can go in your bag, BTW.

10 WEEKEND friendly ACTIVITES where there are BUGS around us:

safe for pets insect repellant TickTockNaturals by brigitte segura | FashionDailyMag 4

  1. BBQ – 4th of July BBQ.
  2. Food – picnic or in the backyard… (healthy food + fruit is not excluded).
  3. Sweet COCKTAILS or ROSE on the porch.
  4. Lounging by the pool- or anywhere outdoors.
  5. Going to the beach.
  6. Gardening in the backyard.
  7. Mowing the lawn.
  8. Hiking.
  9. Walking – with or without the dog (it’s safe for them too).
  10. Outside having your lunch (or smoke).

Stay Safe.  Even if you don’t think the bugs in your backyard have disease, who needs another bite that leaves a red mark on your skin in the summer?   This formula is Organic in an eco-friendly packaging, and safe enough for your dog too.   Since the package is concentrated, you can get a size for your purse or some minis to put in your pocket and go.  I also use it to soothe a bite in case I forgot to put it on in a spot, so it comes in handy.  Plus, the formula repels the bugs – and doesn’t actually harm them.     How about that? don’t BUG over the WEEKEND written by Brigitte Segura.

iPhone photos by Brigitte Segura.

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