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CrOp by David Peck

Introducing CrOp by David Peck: Bursts of color for Spring 2013. Since starting in 2010, his full-force approach to color has gotten him attention from the likes of Kate Bosworth, Giuliana Rancic, Jaime King, Mayim Bialik, Ashlan Gorse, and Maggie Grace who’e been sporting his looks. In Sustainable style, the environment-conscious pieces made right smack dab at the brand’s home in the David Peck Factory in Texas. We caught up with Peck recently at his show…

CrOp by David Peck Fashion Houston 2012 fashiondailymag 6

FashionDailyMag: How do you adapt the David Peck woman each season ?
David Peck: That’s something I always think about. We try to maintain a consistency from season to season because ultimately, we want to have identifiable pieces. Women can find a variation of our cap-sleeve sheath dress every season. It’s a new version, but it fits the same and it always give the woman what she needs: a little coverage, a little tailored.. we refresh it with prints and inspiration!

FDM: You are now based in Houston- after studying then living in Paris.  Do you feel you know what the Houston woman wants?
DP: The woman who wears our clothes really values quality and attention to detail. She’s not afraid of color as well. That probably really connects to southern women because many enjoy dressing for an occasion and looking put together and I think we offer that in the collection. We try to be of the moment, but still timeless. It’s going to be a piece that you wear today, but it will still have a timeless look, great quality and fit- for hopefully 10 years!

FDM: How would you describe what we are about to see on the runway at Fashion Houston. Could you give us a visual of how you see it flowing?

DP: so…it starts off subtly with navy, white, and gray. Some color blocks.. then you slowly get notes of green and yellow, which explodes into color with our fish print. By the finale, you arrive at our origami print, which is a kaleidoscope of hues for your viewing pleasure !  DAVID PECK interview by Brigitte Segura. Written by Mary Anderson.

Photos Jay Marroquin