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CONTEMPORARY feminine by Rebecca Leveille

For the Art of it: Rebecca Leveille’s confident yet poetic illustration of modern #girlpower.  The sensuality of a female gaze, beautifully portrayed yet rich in dialogue surrounding the nature of  “social constructs, the fairytales and ‘delusions of love’…” 

-Feminists can be gorgeous… and my Sunday culture moment is diggin’ this curly hair of course.

REBECCA LEVEILLE untitled space tribeca may 2018 FashionDailyMag

feminist art 🙂

Solo Show of Works by Rebecca Leveille on view at UNTITLED TriBeCa, NYC May 2-13, 2018.

REBECCA LEVEILLE exhibit untitled FashionDailyMag 10

“We evolve within a state of cultural influence. Things we perceive to be ideals are often built upon faulty, weak and diseased foundations set forward and reinforced by society and pop culture. We are made to fall in love with an arbitrary set of stereotypes, physical ideals or cultural goals that are twisted and often deeply damaging to us. My last body of work entitled “Crush” was an exploration of these themes. I continue the dialogue by exploring what happens once we cross to the other side of social constructs, the fairytales that we are raised with. Thus, this new body of work is titled “The End of Love.” What comes after delusions of “love?” Feminine power and sexuality find new ground, as does an urgency to assert the female gaze. The female gaze must find a stronger manifestation; it is too often expressed as a reinterpretation of the male gaze. The ambiguity and multiple meanings implicit in “The End of Love” provide a rich internal dialogue surrounding the nature of sex and myth in contemporary culture. The end of love can be the physical climax. It can be the trickery of biological need for reproduction. It can be the apogee; the farthest reaches of the meaning of romantic love. Despite my calling to language, symbol and figure, my work must have its own life beyond language. The material of the paint itself and the lushness of the determined line hold their own power of meaning. The work originates in words and symbols but it does not conclude in a form that can be expressed simply by language.” – Rebecca Leveille

REBECCA LEVEILLE exhibition untitled FashionDailyMag 3

“The End Of Love” – an exhibition exploring themes including sensuality, the female gaze, media, imagery and social phenomena – from May 2nd-May 13th, 2018 at the Untitled Space 45 Lispenard Street in Tribeca.

THE END OF LOVE  Solo Show of Works by Rebecca Leveille commentary by Brigitte Segura.

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REBECCA LEVEILLE exhibit untitled FashionDailyMag 3