CELEBRITY ornaments for the CHILD MIND

To think of the holidays without the presence of a child’s laughter would be nearly impossible. the CHILD MIND institute has teamed up with some fabulously creative actors, musicians and fashion designers in support of children’s mental health. The ornament designer DREAM TEAM had the likes of Brooklyn Decker, Matt Lauer, Cyndi Lauper, Kellan Lutz, Kelly Ripa, Milly, Meryl Streep, DVF, and Rachel Zoe all designed a holiday ornament.

For the third year, Bloomingdale’s will be supporting the amazing cause with the sale of the whimsical, and some very CHIC holiday ornaments. Matt Lauer’s cartoon likeness is quite jovial, Cyndi Lauper brings a fierce and flirty vibe with the leopard print and pearls combo. For the sugarplum lovers, the Nutcracker scene from Kelly Ripa is quite the girly must-have. Rachel Zoe brings a TUXed trend to the traditional ball, and Milly [Michelle Smith] adds a spirited sequined bling.

Each of the holiday ornaments will sell for $40, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Child Mind Institute whose mission is to transform mental health care for children around the world. That’s a feel good.  Written by Jessica A. Harmon.