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After viewing the CHAKRA-mastered dresses on the runway at FASHION HOUSTON, we caught up with Designer Georges Chakra, who came [from Paris] to show his lovelies on the Houston catwalk.  Twenty-five years at the helm hasn’t slowed him down- Drama gowns, cocktail dresses,  and a contemporary collection: Edition by Georges Chakra launch in 2009.  We’ve seen his designs at NYFW and PFW, in the film “The Devil Wears Prada,” and on the sultry shapes of the famous set: Beyonce, Helen Mirren, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood,  Tyra Banks, and Mariah Carey to name just a few.  We were just as excited after the show to have a chat with the charming and down to earth Dress Designer in the Southern atmosphere!

GEORGES CHAKRA fashion houston 2012

Fashiondailymag: Georges, how has the Chakra woman changed over the last 25 years ?
Georges Chakra: She has grown up. She’s not a little girl. She’s a confident, she’s more glamorous than before. I think she’s more sexy.

FDM: So if you say she’s more glamorous, does that means she needs less armor ? I noticed there’s less sculpted dimension to the collection than we are accustomed to seeing from you.
GC: Yes, because there’s less complication, less ruffles. Very subtle. The chic is in the details, the cut, the décolleté.

FDM: So what keeps you inspired ?
GC: I really don’t know ! When I’m happy I’m more productive… Sometimes there’s no specific inspiration. At times, during the very first few days of starting a new collection,  I wonder if I’m going to succeed and  how it’s going to turn out. But ten days later- I’m more proud…  I look at what I’m doing and I ask others to come see what I’m doing. It always works out at some point.

FDM: Many years ago when you were showing in New York at MBFW,  I remember probably the first or second collection that you showed reminded me of the TV show ‘Dynasty.’  I felt like you could dress every woman at the party and fill the whole room à la Chakra.   It seems now she doesn’t have to go to a party to wear your dress, but I did see some bling pieces on the runway, and that dress with the high-slit! Though Dynasty was not in Houston,  I visualize a similar party here. Is that what brought you to the city ?

GC:  I wanted to see what Texas women – Houston women,  were about! I was invited last year to do the opening show, and we were pressed for time, so we declined.   This year, we made a plan in advance-  and besides, it’s not very nice to say no twice !

FDM: You’re not showing in NYC anymore, do you prefer to do  show in Paris ?
GC: Yes, Paris is good for us.

FDM: Once someone is your client, they would remain loyal. Do you agree ?
GC: Probably, yes… we’ll see.  [smiles]

CATCHING up with GEORGES CHAKRA: Commentary |  Interview with Brigitte Segura, written by Mary Anderson.

Photos: Jay Marroquin |