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CATCHING up with celebrity hair stylist ANTHONY PAZOS

L.A. based hair stylist and guru to the stars Anthony Pazos always keep it hilarious and fresh in his signature suspenders and bowtie. Currently on WETV’s docu-series “L.A. Hair” Pazos dazzles as reigning celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble’s wild and outspoken protégé as the audience follows Kimble’s high-strung staff while they fight to stay on top in the highly competitive Hollywood hair industry. Fashion Daily Mag caught up with Anthony in between a busy day in Beverly Hills. Here’s the scoop:

anthony_pazos0 2 interview FashionDailyMag

FDM: It’s sweltering in NYC right now, we’re dying for tips to keep hair looking fresh in this heat.

Anthony: Taking into consideration the humidity (trust me, I lived in New Orleans where the humidity was out of control!), I love letting people wear their natural texture, like half curly, half done. Specifically I find the Kim Kimble curl revitalizer and serum to work well and let curls form individually. The look is fabulous and is no work at all. I also LOVE braiding- it’s controlled and tamed and effortless all simultaneously. A new braid that I’m doing now is where I curl the entire head, pull it to the side, and braid. Let it be messy, not done. Chic!

FDM: You’re based in L.A. but what’s your love affair like with NYC?

Anthony: Sadly the last time I was in the city was 2 months ago. My parents have a place in Riverdale which is quite residential. But everyone in NYC is energetic and knows how to dress!

FDM: YOU are so peppy and energetic- how do you keep yourself going through the day?

Anthony: Here’s my guilty secret: I eat tons of not-so-healthy food! If I’m going to buy something, it’s gonna be Mickey D’s because it’s quick. I cannot survive without the chicken McNuggets. Also I live on coffee- coffee and fast food keeps me going. I hate to say it but that’s how it works out. I’m such a binger. You wouldn’t know but I love cookies at the end of the day.

FDM: Will you be in NYC during fashion week? Any trend predictions?

I will probably be but I don’t quite yet. We only find those things out a few weeks ahead. In terms of the trends, I think that more subtle colors will be prominent, with lighter, summer hues on the way out. Ombre effect is more summery but it’s still popular for fall because it doesn’t require any change. I’m finding that effortless hair is big right now because people do not want to spend a lot of money changing their looks every season.

anthony pazas interview with FashionDailyMagFDM: So, give us the dish on your celeb clientele!

Anthony: I work with Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Greene, the One Direction boys, and some other private clients. Right now Ashley has a lot going on so I’m taking care of her. The next Twilight film for her is going to be interesting because her character fights with Bella, she’s going to play a much bigger role! We’ll see what we’re doing for L.A. press for her but she’s a simple girl in terms of her look.  I hate diva clients anyway.

FDM: Wait, but you have to tell us more about the One Direction boys

Anthony: They are so nice and cute! You know I did their hair for the “What Makes You Beautiful” video which now has over 100 million fews on YouTube. So that was big!

FDM: What’s coming up in the near future for you?

Anthony: Look for me on America’s Next Top Model in the fall! I have a product line in the works too coming out in the fall, called Bon Vivante. So far it’s hair products plus a little makeup like the basics (bronzer, mascara, lipgloss). It’s going to be affordable and available in local salons in Beverly Hills.

Written by: Elizabeth Landers