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CATCHING up with KILIAN HENNESSY: FashionDailyMag exclusive

Heir to luxury cognac pioneer and grandson to the founder of LVMH, Kilian Hennessy’s drive for excellence dwells deep within not just his ancestral roots, but in his very own emotions. He came upon his discovery of love for perfumery at the age of 22, prior to graduating from CELSA (School of Higher Studies in the Information and Communication Sciences in Sorbonne). Hennessy wrote a thesis on the semantics of odor, where his goal was to find a common language between the morals and the gods. Through his search of a compromise between what “angels share,” Kilian discovered his profound infatuation with perfume making, leading him to create uncompromisingly divine and deliciously sensual fragrances.

“Perfume should make one feel stronger within themselves. It’s a tool of empowerment…”-Kilian Hennessy.

We caught up with Kilian Hennessy in Los Angeles recently and were able to embark with him on his road to discovery as well as his experiences and emotions about perfume making at a recent fragrance celebration. FashionDailyMag exclusive Interview with Kilian Hennessy by Julia Paulescu.

FashionDailyMag: How long does it take to create a perfume?
Kilian Hennessy: On average it takes about a year to create one fragrance..

FDM: What inspired you to create your own line of fragrances?

KH: I wanted to bring back the art of perfumery and make perfume for the customer, that they could truly wear it with confidence. I was working in the perfume industry for Christian dior, Alexander Mqueen, Paco rabanne and Armani. I left because it was always the same thing it… was always the blockbuster brands with blockbuster goals – they don’t really care about the story as long as they have a big bottle and.. For me, the perfume industry was shameful.

KILIAN HENNESSY exclusive interview FashionDailyMag

FDM: What did you want to capture in your fragrances?

KH: Different collections have different aims. Every one aims to capture a different emotion but in general I want my perfumes to be highly sensual.

FDM: What is your favorite fragrance?

KH: I don’t have one- honestly, I really don’t… they all have a different meaning and emotion. But,  straight to heaven is very special, I created it seven years ago not thinking it would be such a hot item, because it is so deep but it has become a top selling item.. a nice surprise.

FDM: Is there a difference between creating a fragrance for a woman or for a man? What did you have to do to create a unisex scent?

KH: They are all unisex.  I create every scent to express the emotion carried by the name.  When I was 22 I knew that perfume was going to be my world.
I was ready to leave because I was facing some challenges in the industry. It’s a very aggressive and tough industry.. I almost switched to the world of fashion.  Some wanted me to work with Tom Ford and Hedi Slimane, but, since my love is for perfume… here I am, Kilian.