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Carven Menswear spring 2014

Menswear is still happening and now it’s time to give Paris some deserved attention. Designer Guillaume Henry tried out subtle but flattering cuts for his Carven Menswear spring 2014 collection. The showing was intimately held at his Paris headquarters, almost mimicking an artist’s studio. All looks here possess a no-frills, but comfortable air. A lot of these pieces would be considered menswear “basics” but they’re not basic to us, details with a Carven touch.

CARVEN menswear spring 2014 sel 13

Nothing wild crazy and here, these clothes were definitely designed for fashion’s “good guys” in mind. Colors differ from what’s usually spotted in menswear, but they work so well together. They’re like the colors straight off of an artist’s palette if he was painting a nature scene. Rich sage green, apricot and gold resemble the leaves on trees. A long chartreuse coat is the frontrunner in this set. It almost hangs like a painter’s smock. Black and gray suits are cut perfectly for a summer’s evening and the easy-breezy chinos are a warm weather staple. The fabric detailing on zippers and pockets are those little detail Carven touches. They turn a regular coat into a trademark look.

Look a little closer and you’ll see the different textures on his suits. Many seem comfortable to wear and touch. Floppy sun hats are an interesting accessory that match the coats and jackets. Even “jelly” sandals are resurrected from the 90s and worn with socks. Who says that’s still a fashion faux paux? It’s definitely not one here! This designer understands what guys want to wear in spring. Charming and gentlemanly, fdmLOVES CARVEN Menswear spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.


Photos: IMAXTREE | Fashionwirepress



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