Romancing his loyal enthusiasts, CARMEN MARC VALVO glamourized from first look though to the show closer for Spring 2013. Ruffled evening occasions called for length, while shorter cocktails took on more flirty volume in layers.A simple sleek in a sheath, surprisingly nice – was beaded in bands of ornamentation while exposing sheer shoulders. High-waisted and belted w/ bows, feminine forms were elegant, even when turned leggy with pants. Paper bag treatments gave the illusion of trim and tiny, while hints of lace at the shoulders, and peak-a-boo at the sides infused a little Spanish mystique.

This season CARMEN MARC VALVO partnered with HERA Designs creating bracelets made from oxidized sterling silver, onyx and coral composite, to compliment the collection. Appropriate add-ons in the form of unassuming strappy heels, cools shades, and  messy hair ‘buns’ and clean make-up infused youthfulness for a fresh younger following.

more of what we loved: a red and black rose print worked as an accent, and all over, as did a blueberries and cream colored pattern used in a strapless dress, and again for a blazer. While breezing through ready-to-wear panache, peplums and more proper pieces in fine fabrics were brightened with color. Also thrown in for flair, the brand’s much beloved swimwear revealed as modern and clean.  Love it! Written by Sarah A. Freiseis.


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