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Campbell Jewelry for fall

Design isn’t limited to what comes down the runway, all matter of style is envisioned with detail. With each season accessories labels show their stuff and feed their following what they’ve been working on. It is evident Michelle Campbell Mason has been hard at work. The creative force of Campbell jewelry brand got inspired by the relationship between nature and urban landscape for 2013.

Campbell Fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 08

In 2012, Mason revealed her sophomore collection which is great because it’s a pretty good indication that the first collection was a success. You’ll also see a lot of Campbell jewelry pieces grace the pages of some of fashion’s favorite magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. With such a great track record, it’s no surprise that this collection would be anything short of amazing. If you look through Campbell’s previous collections, you may notice that there is a level of simplicity to her pieces that is really refreshing.

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Sometimes designers think that you have to create something that is completely out of the box for people to love it, but Mason knew different. Her ability to take a seemingly simple shape and transform it into a piece of jewelry this beautiful is phenomenal. By incorporating rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver into her designs she made using simple shapes anything but boring. From the beginning  one of this brand’s strong points has been that there is something for for people with differing tastes and attractions. It has a wide range of styles and prices which makes it easier to accommodate creativity so beautifully executed that it helps us remember the beauty that is found in simplicity. CAMPBELL jewelry for fall written by Lauren Watt.

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