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So it’s spring fling soon but the weather isn’t exactly on schedule, right? And while temperatures keep varying from snow to summer, let’s face the skin issue today. From the brutal windy days to overheating from all the extra layers, breakouts and skin issues are in full bloom – and that is a damper on the excitement of the warmer sunny days.


To the rescue, we tried out a ‘clean’ skin regime in the past few weeks to keep the skin at bay. C2 CALIFORNIA CLEAN SKIN CARE: a simplified more ‘pure’ approach to skin care: PREPARE, REPAIR and PROTECT.

why it’s so good:

what’s different about the product range is its extremely light texture – some products feel like water, the oil feels non-oily, and the moisturizer and serum feel like you put nothing on. The non-irritating formulas created by female scientists keep your skin moist enough during cold days, and non-oily during warm days, and the results of clear skin with a smooth texture is the win with the C2 California range. They feel so light on the skin that you may question what these products are doing – until you stop using the range and get a reaction or zit and see all the discoloration. My recommendation is to use all 4 products, as they are designed to work together harmoniously to get the full effect.

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products in a limited edition set:
PREPARE: Advanced Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer: Instantly lifts, plumps and firms your skin for a smoother, tighter and hydrated appearance. An oil-free moisturizer that will increase moisture retention in the skin
REPAIR: Apple Stem Cell Regenerating Serum contains active biological ingredients to even skin tone, reduce fine lines with natural moisturizers to nourish and restore a radiant glow to your skin.
PROTECT: Ultra Replenishing Oil plant derived Squalane + Vit E improves skin elasticity and moisture retention. Helps diminish age spots and appearance of fine lines while protecting from UV radiation and environmental pollutants.

PROTECT: Citrus Stem Cell Intense Moisture Lock Creme uses high concentrations of ingredients to provide superior anti-aging results. Plant stem cells, peptides and other bio-active deliver anti-oxidant properties and improve the skin’s complexion and elasticity.



The main goal for Dr. Christine Falsetti and Dr. Clarissa Shetler, the founders of C2 California Clean, when developing the line was to create a skincare brand that was clean and offered great results. Both women were tired of seeing beauty products containing carcinogen agents, and made it their mission to source safe ingredients. They decided to use plant based stem cells as there is extensive research to show how the technology helps with cell proliferation and protecting the skin cells. With plant’s complex defense compounds for sun, wind, rain, snow, etc, it illuminates how they are incredibly resilient as they are stationary (can’t move to shelter). This was one of the key benefits that the brand wanted to be able to extract and use in their products to offer effective clean results.

C2 CLEAN SKIN CARE now written by Brigitte Segura.

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