Bottega Veneta resort 2015

According to creative director Tomas Maier, the resort collection for Bottega Veneta was inspired a rather mundane but all-important task,  laundry. He asked the viewers to think of the pieces as a result of being put in the wrong mix, spilled on by bleach. In short- a happy accident. The collection clearly took “simplicity is beauty’ to heart, and the result is simply gorgeous.

Bottega Veneta resort 2015 fdmloves del 04

The boxy dresses are cinched at the waist by belts with daring of varying degrees. If not cinched, they stick to soft and quirky patterns through the entire look, and we don’t know which to option to go with. We might have discovered a new daily struggle. The eternally classic LBD makes an appearance and wins by only coming with a bag and a pair of nude heels. The knitted outerwear that exudes tribal vibes got us head over heels. And we’d love nothing more than to strut down a sandy path(maybe the Hamptons) in the long dresses. Bring in the bleach. Bottega Veneta resort 2015 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Paul Cenizal. (more pics to come!)

(ph FashionWirePress)

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