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BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: winter skin care with a lift

We love products that deliver results, and one thing is sure, we can definitely get a tip  or two from the french when it comes to beauty. While aging skin needs extra moisture during the winter months, Lierac offers moisture + a little lift in one.  The Lierac brand is one of the first French dermocosmetic brand specializing in the correction of visible signs of aging, and offers a wide range of solutions.  While that’s all wonderful, it can be overwhelming to find a regime that’s suitable.

Here’s a 5 step that’s easy to use and works wonders, giving a little lift and a lot of glow.  The following is all you need for face + neck,  delivering enough moisture without being greasy, and a gentle  lift that doesn’t keep your face too tight.

1. Wash with The Purifying Cleanser: [Demaquillant purete] This foaming cleanser with star anise and lime extracts has a wonderful scent This is a keeper year-round as it’s gentle, keeping your skin clear and clean without over drying.

2. COHERENCE Serum: Lifting Intensif. This serum is like the Rolls-Royce of the system, containing an ultra-high concentration of collagen III accelerating vectors.  Enriched with botanical lifting agents, this intensive serum offers a perceptible “lifting” effect for skin that feels firmer and smoother- as in, immediately. As if these awesome benefits weren’t enough it helps redefine facial contours, firms and tightens the skin, and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.  If your skin is more oily, you may be able to use this before make up in the warmer months coming up.

3. Diopticreme wrinkle repair creme for the eyes:  A little tube anti-wrinkle cream for the eyes will reveal younger, brighter eyes and soaks it right in. It contains moisturizing extracts that will help tighten up the eyelid and eye area as a whole. A little bit goes a long way.

4. Coherence L.IR Day + Night Cream.  This creme finally takes over the day night creme switch.  light enough for day, strong enough for night.  Leaves skin smooth, with enough moisture to plump without any residue.  Make up goes on smooth in the morning after this step, and in the evening, it does its magic, with no heavier creme needed – even in the winter snow season.  Plus, this is a LIFT with moisture, making it more like a 3-in-1.

Give your skin a little TLC with products that actually deliver results leaving you feeling and looking more beautiful and confident.

5. The last on the list is  The Coherence Neck Creme.   For once, this isn’t too greasy.  Unlike most neck creams, it’s one of the first we found that has a light “pudding” like consistency so it won’t feel to greasy on your skin, and goes on super-smooth.   Inspiring to actually put it on and go, instead of worrying if your neck has extra shine or film.

Overall, this regime was a rockstar during the winter freeze in New York, and survived even the longest days our editor (Brigitte) faced during NYFW fall shows, the snow and the wind.  Definitely a recommend.   BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: winter skin care with a lift commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Natalie Barry.

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