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beauty resolutions: RACINNE ultimate youth power

Oh the weather is changing alright, and so are your skincare needs. Time to change it up with the weather, as keeping your youthful glow maybe a little challenging using your favorite summer products.   Transitioning from warm to colder weather can be different depending on your skin, but surely it’s beginning to feel more dry or flakey already.  We tried out Racinne ultimate  youth power series with a dose of antioxidants for fall weather skin care without a heavy dose.

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Here’s a 5 step skin regimen to get you to glow now*:

Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection Gentle Cleansing Foam* –  For all skin types, we chose this soft cleanser that is enriched with rose water to penetrate deep into pores. The cleansing power rids of all impurities while its hydrating formula nourishes the skin, keeping your pH in balance and check. (this formula is outside of the youth power series)

Ultimate Power Youth Series Youth Power Serum – This serum has a high concentration of SH-DP-9 + a combo of peptides to reverse the look of aging skin.  Korean ginseng stem cells clear up skin and improve circulation, while sodium hyaluronic makes skin more moisture-absorbent. The serum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, brightens skin and renews the skin that need revitalizing.

Ultimate Youth Power Lotion – To keep skin from looking dull and dehydrated, apply the lightweight formula. The
“SH-DP-9” and ginseng stem cells combine to create a high power anti-aging formula to spot treat age spots and fine lines. Macadamia seed oil hydrates and replenishes undernourished skin with the antioxidant enriched lotion.

Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum – SH-DP-9, the exclusive anti-aging ingredient used by Racinne, contributes to the regeneration and repair of skin cells. Brightens under the eyes, diminishing puffiness and dark circles under eye area a rejuvenated look.

Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion – Don’t forget the neck! Preventing and reversing the can-be-saggy neck area is vital to appearing younger. This moisture cream repairs and brightens the neck and chest using the SH-DP-9, adenosine, sodium hyaluronic, and Korean ginseng stem cells. The addition of Shea Butter hydrates even further.

The Ultimate Youth Power and Ultimate Hydra Perfection work nicely together in 5 steps to give you an early fall glowing look.  beauty resolutions: RACINNE ultimate power youth written by Nadia Hartvigsen.

*Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection Gentle Cleansing Foam is outside of the youth power series

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