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BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: pre-spring natural beauty

The season is changing soon, and so should your pre-spring beauty routine. That doesn’t mean you need to fuss for a product hunt in different stores, which can be overwhelming. For Spring,  Clarins’s got your back- or face, we should say. The brand is soon coming out with a system of essentials to help your skin adapt nicely through the transition from winter stress-free. Here’s a 3 step to keep your “flawless face” look through the weather transition.

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Step One: Total Eye Concentrate

A multitasking product that not only prevents the delicate area around your eyes from aging but also reduces dark circles and puffiness with “instant smooth affect” from the wax from Cassie Flower added in the treatment. This is an all-in-one anti-aging eye concentrate powered by pure plant extracts including Harungana, a sustainably-harvested “healing tree” from Madagascar. It has been scientifically proven to be more effective and less irritating on the skin than Retinol.

Step Two: UV Plus Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF50

Sun protection is important even during the colder months. Warmer weather means more outdoor activities which equals extra sun exposure. Therefore, SPF becomes a must. This product an ultra-lightweight, triple protection sunscreen to wear on top of your daily moisturizer – it fights free radicals on the surface, anti-oxidants at a deep level of the skin, and protects against pollution.

Step Three: Everlasting Foundation+ SPF15

A matte foundation with 18-hour hold, while perfectly evens, illuminates and comforts the skin. Many of us have experienced the struggle of unstable skin during seasonal changes, especially the redness around the nose due to allergies. With this product, you won’t end up with a cakey face to achieve a flawless look. Instead, it absorbs easily into the skin and feels lightweight all throughout the day. It also comes in a wide range of shades, so no worries if your face has become as fair as a porcelain doll over the holidays. Also, the Everlasting Foundation contains bamboo powder to provide long-lasting finish and prevent shine. Be a happy panda-  easy as one, two, three! BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: pre-spring natural face written by Betty Lo.

*some products available beginning April 2015 at Clarins

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