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BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: lush hair make-over

As dreary winter is still with us, help your tired tresses from the wind, dry, cold and freezing conditions. We’ve picked a few lush treats to boost your hair to vibrant and marvelous,  naturally.  The fresh scents are a wonder bonus, giving you a fragrant reason to get to the root of the hair issues.   Go turn heads with your newfound rapunzel-like locks… just in time for V-day.

LUSH Big Solid Conditioner fashiondailymag

Vegan Blousey Shampoo is great for color-treated locks is just for you risktakers, and does what it says, make your hair ‘blousey’. This shampoo makes sure your hair doesn’t suffer the consequences of winter wind, as moisture-securing bananas (yes, bananas) alongside rosemary oils and thyme revitalize and repair your hair with an added little hint of rose, juniperberry, and blackcurrant. When carrying those aromas around, who needs flowers anyway ?

Wow, I really love your dry scalp,” said no one ever… LUSH superbalm is for your scalp. This vegan ointment is for high-intensity scalp irritation, such as redness, eczema, and dermatitis; while making sure you no longer have to scrub all night to remove annoying buildup. Ready to say ahhhhhh ? this one saves the flakey day..

Everyone wants hair strong as steel, and you can get one step closer with the Roots Healthy Scalp Cream. Flat, fine hair is no longer, since the cream has menthol which strengthens the scalp, helping your hair look fuller and thicker. Starting at the source and continuing to the tips of your tresses, the cream also contains soothing and conditioning extra virgin olive oil and honey to make sure your locks are as smooth as they are strong.

Mimicking the lovable Big Shampoo, the vegan Big Solid Conditioner pumps up the volume while continuing where the shampoo left off. Giving your hair gravity-defying qualities along with shine, the jumbo-size solid bar will become a part of your routine that you’ll definitely look forward to; especially with the addition of %17 sea salt. No matter your hair type, you can conquer those pesky fly aways with the conditioning coconut oil, while giving shine and nourishment with candelilla wax and jojoba oil. Revel your hair fabulously with these hair solutions from LUSH. Written by Mary Anderson.