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beauty resolutions: HAIR TOUCH UP

For some of us, there are days when we just want to turn back the hands of time and not have to deal with the one thing that just gives away the age (sigh), grey roots. There are a handful of products we can find at the local drugstores that promise to cover up this beauty faux pas, that don’t exactly cut it. Not to worry, there is a new product out specifically for covering those pesky greys, Root Vanish by Kazumi.

The creator, Kazumi, is a bi-coastal Master Colorist at celebrity hot-spot Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills, where Zoe Deschanel and Kristin Stewart frequent.   Partnering with  Kiwabi to create four flattering shades keeping American women in mind. This wonderful little product is “edibly natural”, 100% non-transfer, and offers a lightweight veil of gel-based colors.

ROOT VANISH by kazumi FashionDailyMag beauty resolutions

As an added plus the product contains Asian Botanical Extract, it makes your greys just disappear without all the dullness and mess of those mascara-type instant colors, because there is nothing more unattractive than dirty, cakey mascara filled roots (gross). You can finger comb and brush your hair as much as you want throughout the day and you won’t end up with product on your hands.

It instantly colors grey hairs and roots with just one click, pump and swipe and even stains greys and lighter roots with just 3 – 5 times use. The product claims that the 22+ botanicals extracts all work to target signs of aging hair such as: thinning, hair loss, emergence of new grey hairs, lackluster hair or dullness, dryness or brittle strands, etc. The best part is that it reduces frequency of coloring appointments throughout the year, which equals more money in our pockets. Written by Natalie Barry.


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