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beauty resolutions: FACE the skinny

The face shape topic | skinny face no more : Though we all have issues with our face composition and symmetry, most of the time, it’s about the nose, the eyes, and the double chin- or maybe a little cheek fullness. What is less common a complaint is the skinny girl / skinny face situation, one of which I can personally relate to.  So what’s an effective solution to make up for lost fullness in the cheeks?

From the editor: yes, ok – you guys can pick on the skinny girls this time. Whether you just lost a bunch of weight, or suddenly went Gluten-free like me, the truth is, you may be missing the fullness in your cheeks by now… cause it seems to go away forever.

In my case, I went gluten free a few years ago (not by choice), and suddenly lost weight because I was afraid to eat anything without getting sick.  After a few months, I got used to the subs for my bread cravings, and put some of the weight back on my body, but not on my cheeks!

Who knew – Not only is the cuteness factor a bit ‘less cute’ in the cheeks now, but I’m tired of ‘looking tired’ in bad lighting too. So I had to explore some dermo options as the wonder creams aren’t exactly cutting it. After checking in with my highly credentialed go-to, Dr. Goldenberg, Director of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai, and checking out what non-invasive options there are out there, he suggested a combo of Injectable fillers.

brigitte segura zana rossi beauty Papyrus FW 16 Fashiondailymag PT-25

here’s a before pic during this past NYFW.

So I took the plunge, and tried out a combo of Juvederm voluma and Radiesse around the cheeks, with a little Restylane silk around the lips. A bit of Botox or Dysport may also be used to help “sculpt” a more natural look. Numbing is recommended – mostly in a form of an ointment prior to the treatment, with possible injection around the lip area – depending on how sensitive you are. For me, it was a yes to all numbing, and I had no pain during, just a light sensation of Dr. G’s hand at work.

Though the results are kind of plump immediately after the treatments, the reality is that it’s a temporary bit of swelling in addition to the plump. Starting immediately afterward, I took some arnica for a few days to keep swelling in check. And, I went directly to an event afterward, adding a bit of extra makeup than usual. After a few days- within a week, most of the swelling went down seamlessly – with no obvious change. Just a better me, with a less tired frown- and a better smile to suit my cheery personality.

brigitte segura at magnum soho face Dr. Goldenberg

my recent ‘after’ pic at Magnum Soho opening in May.

side note – Though the temptation of getting a lot done in one sitting is tempting, it’s best to do a bit of the combo, and come back for a touch up after. This yields more natural and symmetrical results – and allows your skin to normalize before a tweek of more to perfect.

Now, before you get excited about having the miracle answer to skinny face, make sure you are comfortable with your doctor and trust his aesthetic. Pick a doc that is not specialized in extreme makeovers (you know the face i’m talking about), and has an eye like a plastic surgeon. Take a look at some before and afters, so you don’t risk looking like you have two balloons in your cheeks-unless that’s the look you are going for. Or, talk with a pro like Dr. G., who also answers questions on his twitter.

here’s a before and after view of me smiling yes.

brigitte segura dr goldenberg before + after

beauty resolutions: FACE the skinny written by Brigitte Segura.

photo credit: Paul Terrie x FashionDailyMag. more FashionDailyMag Collabs.

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