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beauty resolutions: spray on skin hydration

Trying to remedy dry skin by smearing heavy lotion all over can sometimes feel like we’re going down a “slip and slide” without the fun.  We just want hydrated skin without waiting for the layer of lotion to soak in. There’s a new method to this madness, and it comes in a spray form this time.  We’re  liking the St. Ives hydration lotion spray that moisturizes with an energizing extra bit.

The Energizing Citrus & Vitamin C Fresh Hydration Lotion is the  freshest of the three fragrances… it gives an extra morning boost.  The spray makes it fun easy to see what you are doing, and after applying and massaging into skin for a few seconds, it soaks up! No residue or wait time to put on the jeans and go.

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Our favorite (tropical inspired) scent is Coconut Milk + Orchid Extract that which additionally has a bit of guava, pineapple, mandarin zest, Lily of the Valley, pink orchid extract, Hawaiian jasmine, musk, and vanilla. The soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter Fresh Hydration Lotion contains a concoction of white floral, honey, almond, and coconut designed to soothe and heal dry skin.

The cold weather is very drying to our skin and let’s face it, we all need a quick method of moisturizing that won’t bog down the morning routine. It’s as easy as spray and go, and… you could still get your significant other to spray your back and rub it in.  Feeling velvety smooth just got a bit easier, and St. Ives is available at most drug stores, so you can pick it up on the holiday visit in the burbs too. Beauty resolutions: spray on skin hydration from St. Ives commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Natalie Barry.


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