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Looking for a beautiful natural glow for when you’re not wearing makeup? We have found the berry that does the trick! The skincare products from SeabuckWonders have the perfect ingredients to leave your face and body feeling refreshed and healthy. Summer is all about looking and feeling great in your own skin, so get started by trying out some of these organic skincare solutions with essential oils.

It seems that this summer’s makeup trend is wearing little to no makeup at all with a strong emphasis on raw beauty. In order to keep your skin gorgeous while working the barely any makeup looks, here are a couple of things that can help make it happen (+ from within).  We have been trying out the SeaBuckthorn skin care range from Seabuck Wonders, which includes both skincare plus supplements like omega 7 and berry oil to give a boost “from within.”

Called the ‘miracle berry’ by Dr. Oz, sea buckthorn is the magic ingredient in these skincare products. The products are made with 100% USDA Organic Certified Himalayan sea buckthorn and Omega-7, and can help protect, replenish, moisten and restore the skin and mucous membranes.
For this summer to keep your skin healthy and glowing, here are a few products we found from SeabuckWonders to help skin glow and cool off the irritation. The products additionally help relieve itchy and flaky skin from excema and psoriasis.

1. Exfoliating Facial Cleanser is ideal for any skin type, with gentle exfoliators,  It cleans the skin leaving it refreshed and smooth –and sensitive skin friendly. 

2. The Deep Hydrating Serum nourishes and supports cell regeneration. It minimizes fine lines and helps to maintain a youthful, healthy complexion.

3. The Facial Cream is a hydrating yet lightweight formula that quickly absorbs into your skin and nurtures it for a soft, smooth complexion.

4.  The BODY: the Award-Winning Body Lotion contains a potent infusion of Omegas 3, 6, 9 and the powerful skin-healing Omega 7. This lotion provides nourishment with age-defying properties for soft, healthy skin.  It additionally helps curb the flakes on dry elbows keeping you moisturized and smooth.

Here’s the extras we strongly recommend to give a boost of clear and moisture.  In addition to the topical products, there is a range of products you can ingest from the SeaBuckWonders.  Here are two ingestibles which our editor, Brigitte, has been trying out has noticed her skin has more of a glow, as well as less flaky skin.

Here’s my 411:

SEABUCK WONDERS seabuckthorn skin products FashionDailyMag

After using for almost two months,  the results have started showing.  I’ve been taking 2 of  the SeaBuck Wonders Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete daily, easy enough- I usually take fish or omega oils, so I tried these instead.   Here’s the tricky one that made the difference:   The Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil that I apply topically and directly onto spots that need attention, and yes, I’ve been drinking it too.

step 1: The “miracle berry” berry oil drops are very orange, smell a bit like olives, and well, if you put into a shallow cup of coffee or water, it goes down quickly.  I’ve been ingesting it daily.

step 2:  is applying it to areas that need special attention, and in my case, some eczema and psoriasis spots around the elbows and forearm.

Beware of the orange though, it takes about 30 minutes to soak into skin and dry.    But the results are worth it! the skin is smoother with no scaly effect, so it’s easier to cover up with make up. So if you’re in a hurry, it’s not the best idea, as it tends to get on on everything – but once it dries, it’s fine, and if you get it on any clothes, it does wash completely out.  It’s worked out for me to put on in the evenings, and to ingest the drops during the day. It definitely stops the itching and dryness, but it doesn’t make the red areas disappear.   Still, it’s so much easier to cover up you forget you have “an issue.”  – Brigitte Segura

These products are great for sensitive skin, and BERRY clear bright skin is a beauty resolution for a natural (and smooth) glow! commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by  Bianca Scherrei.

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