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BEAUTY resolutions: 7 TREATS to enhance your PUCKER

get LIP obsessed for a few good reasons. soft, smooth, kissable lips are always trending, especially if you’re fishing for some V-DAY attention.  a good LIP habitduring the windy + chilly months can skip the irritation altogether.

if you’re like me and tend to collect lip balms, you have good reasons for having a tube in your make-up bag, the outside pocket of your bag, in your coat pocket, on your desk,  and next to your bed for convenient maintenance.  I love the fact that it’s acceptable to apply BALM just about anywhere, even on the train…  and if you miss, it’s not like ‘ooh, the LIPSTICK outside the lips’ error.   i like to put on the balm and then dab a little lipstick discreetly with fingertips, even without a mirror,  in PUBLIC.. people just think you’re checking the chapstick. by brigitte segura | FashionDailyMag : beauty in LUXchic..

BEAUTY and lace photo ana coelo makeup junior quieros model sara smith FashiondailyMag beauty

the GO-TO for better lips, here are our top 7 LIP BALM picks for 2012 to hydrate, avoid irriration, plump, smooth, and shine a little, anytime.   most of are priced under $20, and these are all keepers… BEAUTY resolutions: VOL 3 TREATS to enhance your PUCKER

[we had to alphabetize this list because they’re all FAVEs!]

MAYBELLINE baby lips treatment FashionDailyMag beauty

1. pamper your pucker BABY LIPS by maybelline..

we got to try these out last NYFW,  this one is colorless + reminds us of fresh, clean baby products.  really makes lips smooth and fuller, great SUB to pick last minute at drugstore instead of the medicine tub [if lips aren’t too dry] + has SPF 20, only about $3.

DONELL lip saver FashionDailyMag beauty lip treatments

2. xtra help from Donell Lip Saver.

this balm helps prevent + treat cold sores as well as chapped lips. GUY + kid-friendly, herbal lemon scent.  available at thompson chemists SoHo.


jouer lip enhancer fashiondailymag beauty lip treats brigitte segura

3.refresh + condition with Dr. HUNTER lip salve | caswell-massey.

light and refreshing Lip Salve in a tub,  prevent the dryness + cracking from exposure to elements. has a nice licorice menthol,  kind of english-y apothecary scent

4. love the BONUS: JOUER lip enhancer

is a 2-in-1, nourishes + [contains Maxi-Lip™ to] naturally plump… noticeable after a few applications, use 3x a day for 29 days.  great at night too, easy to apply tube, not sticky, has a hint of pink and goes on like a clear gloss..

KOH GEN DO oriental plants lip treatment FashionDailyMag beauty

5. the FANCY balm: KOH gen DOH Oriental Plants Lip Treatment

contains 5 elemental botanical palette extracts of the Tao Wheel, and is anti-aging!  helps treat peeling + combats vertical lines along the lips.  comes in gorgeous metallic slim stick container,  has a matte finish, no fragrance.

KUMI KOOKOON silky lip treatment FashionDailyMag lips

6. silky is sexy: KUMI KOOKOON silky lip balm

comes in a 5 pack, in case you want to gift your BFF.  my personal FAVE is the lavender, before bed or while lounging.

LA ROCHE POSAY nutritic lips FDM LOVES7. a real FIX:  LA-ROCHE POSAY nutritic lips

after the damage, transform the tingling, sensitivity, thinness and chapping on lips almost immediately.  soothing, no extra shine. MAN + kid-friendly fresh ‘french pharmacy’ scent.

BEAUTY and lace photo ana coelo makeup junior quieros model sara smith FashiondailyMag beauty

BEAUTY + lace editorial: photographer: Ana Coello | MODEL: Sara Smith, 5th avenue-BCN | BEAUTY: Júnior Queirós with Rituals Cosmétics & Twin Color