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beauty resolutions: 3 STEPS to TONED summer SKIN

get toning: tips from the editor for “how does my body look, how do my legs look“.  As a beauty editor, we get a lot of products to test, and in a fitting pitch, Nivea approached me to be an influencer.  Sure, I thought at first, then… what if I don’t like what they have to offer?  Luckily, after trying out a few things, here are  3 of my SKIN FIRMING picks as must-haves to  make you more happy with your body, almost immediately… even if you are a product snob.

NIVEA skin firming 3 steps for summer | FashionDailyMag

1. NIVEA touch of renewal lathring body scrub.   I like this because it has a lovely fragrance, scrubs lightly but also lathers.  Slough off the extra skin, and reveal the softer.   With vitamin E pearls, you’ll see the difference right after the first shower.

2. love your body more by giving it a smoother outer layer:  NIVEA skin firming cellulite gel-cream.   This one is a tricky one, because we all expect a miracle or nothing from a tube.   You can’t fight the “fat” by using a cream for a second when you remember.   This clearly is marked as firming, and it does firm the appearance of loose skin.   It’s not going to shrink you, but it will stimulate the outer layers of your skin giving you a smoother look.  At the end of the day, when we’re not completely covered, this is what makes us happier.  Curves are pretty, ripples on the skin are not as pretty.  The scent on this is amazing, and almost a pleasure to put it on.

3. Skin firming hydration with q-10, with hydra IQ.  This all over body moisurizer with a boost does makes your skin soft, and the label says it improves the skin tone in as little as 2 weeks.  It seems to take a minute to soak in, but once it does, it does give a softer “veil” to your skin.

One thing that is additionally attractive about this range is that the products are not $50 a pop, and are available at most drug stores- even when you’re away.   Though the anti-cellulite reducing magic trick is not what these three are about, after trying these out consistently for a couple of weeks, I was happy with the results.   If you’re serious about your skin, work it into your daily regime for a few weeks and smile a little more.  Commentary by Brigitte Segura.

more info at  NIVEA.