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BEAUTY is in the OIL

Everyone’s talking about OILs!  From ingesting omegas to face + skin care, we’ve been seeing a rise in the topic.  We checked out a few oils face, body + hair and have put together a few of our favorites.  It’s been known that natural oils deliver the benefits more directly and thoroughly.  Some beauty oil loving folks think cream-based products often made of water, wax and a few oils stop showing signs of improvement after using for a period of time, whereas natural oils deliver longer.

What we loved is the new and improved spectrum of oils for beauty aren’t too greasy, and many are immediately absorbed giving the instant effect of soft.   We even found an oil that repels ticks and insects that is also easy to apply with a dry oil feel.  Here are are favorites, from head to toe.


If you’re tired formulas that are way too thick and just feel greasy and sit on top of the skin, give a Stemcell Super-Food Facial Oil a try. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight texture, it is full of anti-oxidants which are great for preventing signs of aging. While it is easy and quick to be absorbed into the skin, It nourishes and keep your face from looking dull. What’s even better is that it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles + helps prevent the future lines.

For sensitive skin, try Chamomile Aromatic Care to sooth the easily irritated and redness-prone face. The calming cocktail blends of pure chamomile, sandalwood, sage and lavender oils create protective barrier on the skin, restoring its natural radiance and diminish blotchiness.   And the scent? delicious enough to dabble a little extra behind the ears.

BEAUTY OILS fashiondailymag summer BEAUTY


After a long summer day, your skin might feel dull and dry. REN’s Moroccan Rose Gold Glow Perfect Dry Oil glides on smoothly and will make your skin glowingly soft with a healthy radiance.  The deeply hydrating formula is instantly absorbed when applied.   We’re loving the soft scent of Moroccan Rose fused with essential oils that just give the “get close to me” romantic vibe. This multi-tasker can also be used for your hair on the ends for a little extra shine.

If you prefer something lighter in texture, then  Verbena Infusion Dry Oil Body Mist would be the one to go for. Infused with natural coconut water, the fast absorbing moisturizer cools, comforts and refreshes the skin. The fragrance, inspired by the countryside of Provence with notes of a bouquet of green citrus with touches of white amber and cedarwood give a fresh pick me up scent. Plus, the mist makes it so easy to use an oil. Spray on,  get beautiful silky sheen and enjoy the refreshing summery scent! Oh,  and this scent is man-friendly too!

BEAUTY OILS fashiondailymag summer BEAUTY


Been looking for an oil-based hair product that’s healthy for your hair and also works under heat? UNITE U-oil works as a natural UV and thermal protector.  What does this mean?  The formula seals and repairs the cuticlem, helps cut down drying time, and is mazing to use with hot tools without leaving a residue.   Use a few drops to damp hair from roots to ends for weightless + long lasting shine. Paraben-free.

For dry and damaged hair, try Agave Revitalizing  Shine Spray for instant hydration and lightweight shine. With a convenient spray application, the micro mist is infused with healing Agave plant sugars. Smooths flyaways, tames frizziness, and gives a nice fresh scent to your hair. No parabens, sulfates or phthalates. (Sephora).


TickTockNaturals™ Organic Insect Repellent will allow you to take a relaxing walk through the local botanical garden without being bothered by bugs… up to 4 to 5 hours!  This organic insect repellant is a dry oil mist that is applied like a moisturizer: Spray into your palms of your hands, rub hands together, and smooth on all over your body. This cruelty free product is safe for kids and even pets!  The formula containing lemongrass oi has no synthetic chemicals with a FRESH scent.   A safe and effective option to keep you, family, and pets bug + tick (and lyme disease) free.

BEAUTY is in the OIL commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Bettly Lo.